USC vs UCLA Transfer?? =

Hey all. I’m coming near the end of my community college career, and I was planning on applying to UC Irvine and Chapman as a psychology major. However, I was just doing some research on LA colleges (USC, UCLA, and Loyola), and I figured, why not apply to them? At first it was just on a whim, I wasn’t being as serious, but my mom and I decided to go visit UCLA and USC and basically fell in love with both of them. I know both schools are very competitive, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it to apply if I most likely won’t get in.

I currently have a 3.75 GPA (I still have two more semesters left, if I get all As in both I will have a 3.9. Fingers crossed!) I have played club soccer my entire life (no high school soccer, I was homeschooled), I nannied for 3 years and now just have a regular retail job. I also volunteer here and there when I have the time. :slight_smile: What do you honestly think my chances are of getting into these amazing schools? Which do you think is more competitive? Do you think it’s worth it to even apply? Out of all 4 (UC Irvine, Chapman, USC, UCLA) which do you think I have the best chance?

(side note: I would like to stay in Southern California, no farther up north than LA area and I would consider San Diego, so these 4 colleges are really what appeal to me the most.) Thanks for you advice!!

Do you have TAP for UCLA? A 3.75 is pretty solid. Here are last year’s stats:

For more UC transfer stuff, try here:

Which collage you are attending now? That plays a role too!
For example kids from Santa Monica collage have better chance for UCLA and USC than from some other community collages!

I am attending Saddleback Community College right now/

Apply to your schools, you never know. Also, you should be prepared for costs. The privates are expensive. Hopefully, your FA will transfer.

You have a chance! 3.7 is an excellent GPA for a UC. You’ll def get into Irvine and USC but UCLA is a bit harder

run the FA calculator for USC, and see IF you could afford to pay that for 2 years.
USC also requires applicants submit the Profile FA application, which takes a deeper look at all assets.