USC vs University of Michigan

Hey guys, I need help between choosing a BA Economics from USC Dornslife College which costs about $22k a year, or go for a Ross BBA from UoM that takes $49k a year.

Good CS study options would be nice, as I would like to take it as an elective/minor/dual major. I plan on doing an MBA in the future too, but currently I can afford both colleges. You can take weather/safety/cost/academic opportunites/prestige/placements and salaries/ECs/faculty/social life/student-teacher relations and any other important metrics while offering your advice. On another note, is it easier to transfer into schools like UCLA or UCB from USC (or other top colleges from any of these schools)?

Thank you for your time and effort.

UCLA and UCB are public schools and USC is a private school. The UCs prioritize transfers from community college > UC> CSU> CA private (ex. USC)> OOS.

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Ok, but should I choose USC or UoM???

I would choose USC.

nw2this could you explain why?

Lower price for an equally good school.

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are you sure that a ross bba is equally good compared to a usc ba econ?

because i thought ross bba was one of the highest ranked bbas in the country and usc econ wasnt as good

(I attended USC as a business major and took a few economics classes during my time there. I will say that the USC Economics department is pretty weak like most majors under the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. USC is more known for its professional schools such as the Marshall School of Business, School of Cinematic Arts, and Annenburg School of Communication, but not really a powerhouse in the letters, arts, and sciences majors.

From personal experience, the econ professors and TAs were not good at teaching though they may be great researchers. I don’t believe that USC has a Nobel laureate in that department either though I will say that having a Nobel laureate doesn’t guarantee that your professors know how to teach. My friends who minored and majored in Economics mostly agree with my assessment as well.)

got this from another answer

Pretty sure you want a particular major in business? Ross > Marshall around the U.S. $49k is a good COA for UM if you can comfortably swing it. I recruited at Ross a few years ago for finance and was impressed with the consistent quality.

Are you pretty set on particular kinds of careers like consulting, banking, PE/VC, and the like? If so, I’d give the clear edge to Ross as a school. Can you afford both schools, and if so, how easily?

@deadbeat20 Is it possible to transfer into USC’s business school later on?

It sounds like you got a large merit scholarship (full tuition?) at USC. If so, that means you are academically very competitive and that might increase your chances of a transfer.

If you are considering business as a career, think of what you could do with an extra 100K by the time you graduate. Also be mindful that tuition at UM will increase over time and tuition also increases for the junior and senior years at Mich.

Decision day… What did you decide +

@tristatecoog and @yikesyikesyikes no, i’m actually not dead set on business and its related careers, though yes i am currently interested in it. I actually planned on trying it out in college and then making an informed choice on my major and career.

@mamaedefamilia i’m not sure abt the transfer into USC business school part (is it worth it?), and yes, i did get a full tuition in USC.

for @Knowsstuff and everyone else, I ended up committing to USC. Thank you for your valuable advice. Would transferring to another college after a year be worth it, and if yes, what advice would you give for my application then?


Congrats to you.!!

I am not an expert but according to this Bloomberg ranking of business schools Ross is #17 and USC Marshall is #22. That seems comparable to me.

Congrats on your choice! I imagine that you also have qualified for some sort of honors/scholars program at USC which would provide lots of individual support and perks.
I’ve also heard the winters are nicer in LA.

Good, I prefer USC overall. Some good friends went there and are very loyal. Another friend’s kid is going there this year for political science.

Congratulations to you! You have a highly coveted scholarship at a top school and program! USC has everything a student could desire. Enjoy your honors housing and all of the amenities. See about transferring to Marshall School of Business if it suits you. The new dean is the former dean at Wharton - you can’t get any better than that! You can also take advantage of interdisciplinary majors with the Viterbi Engineering programs. If you’re interested in law, check out the undergraduate minor in law. Cheer for the Trojans and fight on! You have the opportunity of a lifetime.