USC vs UWisc

<p>I plan on majoring in accounting or something business related. Which school would you recommend if cost is not a concern, USC or Wisconsin? Also, I really don't mind bad weather, so don't post weather as a plus of usc. </p>


<p>You don't want to consider cost...but cost is a HUGE factor.</p>

<p>Both are fantastic schools.</p>

<p>IF you want to settle in L.A., USC's advantage in a strong alumni network cannot be denied.</p>

<p>Both are good choices, but USC is more of a business school. </p>

<p>And...where do you live? I ask this because, unless you've ever spent a winter in the Upper Great Lakes, you probably can't even imagine how cold it actually gets. Colder than the northeast or anywhere else, really. It's nearly April and they still have snow on the ground. I know you said that you didn't care, but it's amazing how many people claim that they love the cold, but end up hating it when they get there.</p>

<p>How is USC more of a B school? UW has among the top 5 CPA pass rates in the US and is often 1 or 2. Also one of the best investing and real estate schools in the country. </p>

<p>The last two years there was hardly any snow and a mild winter. This winter was tough but it's unlikely it will be as bad again. The records they broke were from 100 years.</p>

<p>USC ranks higher for business. UW is a great school, but I wouldn't say that business is their strongest field. </p>

<p>And...I've live in WI. We never have mild winters. It always dips below zero.</p>

<p>I live right outside of Madison, and I would certainly say that the last two winters before this one were not too bad at all--no snow on the ground through most of the winter. But this year, we've set records for snowfall and had some of the worst blizzards ever.</p>

<p>i live in wisconsin also about 45 min from madison and the weather has gotten old really really fast this year and has been getting in the way of everything</p>

<p>Aside from the weather, the thing you have to know about UW is that you cannot start any B-school program until your junior year. You enter the L & S school and do the pre-business program and then apply to the B-school in spring of sophmore year. So there is no guarantee that you will be admitted. Doesn't mean you won't be. If you contact them I am sure they will be happy to tell you what your grades will have to be to be admitted and what classes you need to take. I don't know if USC will admit you directly to business or not.</p>

<p>You need around a 3.25 gpa. Next year they start admitting after one year.</p>

<p>Do you think that graduating from one over the other will offer a significant more amount of job opportunities?</p>

<p>Nope. Both have good names.</p>

<p>USC is especially strong on the West Coast though, if that's where you're interested in living.</p>