USCGA Aim program rejection

I just received my rejection letter from the Coast Guard Academy and was wondering if I received a generic letter that is sent to everyone. It’s was along the lines of not having enough room for all applicants and stated the other opportunities available to see academy life ( cadet for a day, etc)

Then it states that I am an excellent candidate for the 2021 class. Is this actually saying that I have a chance or do they all say this?

Thank you!

Congratulations to everyone who was accepted !

P.S the rejection was from the AIM program

Yes I received a very similar response, saying that I was put on a wait list and would know by June 2 if any opportunities came up.

"Thank you for applying to the Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) Program at the United States Coast Guard Academy. This year’s applicant pool was among the most competitive in program history. I’m pleased to let you know the review committee was impressed with your record, finding you among a select group of students well qualified to attend AIM. At this time, you have been placed on the waitlist and you will be contacted if a spot in the program becomes available. Please do not contact us requesting a status of this waitlist; we will notify you of any updates by June 2nd. If you are not selected, this decision does not reflect on your qualifications as a candidate and your application for the CGA Class of 2021 will not be impacted if you are not able to attend AIM 2016.

The number of qualified applicants for the AIM program greatly surpassed the resources we have available during the summer. As such, be aware that our inability at this time to offer you an appointment to AIM does NOT reflect on your qualifications as a candidate, nor is it indicative of your capability to succeed at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy."

I wasn’t wait listed but hopefully everything works out!