USCGA is a family

<p>For those who nothing about the comfort shawl, please keep reading...</p>

<p>About a month ago there was a call out for knitters. My Mom (we are AF) was one of the knitters b/c I volunteered her. I did so b/c we are all family no matter what branch. It is not a joyous story, but the people in charge have made a young family in a horrendous situation know that we also are family.</p>

<p>The people involved in this have been extraordinary to say the least, even kind enough to send pics of her receiving it (truth be known it made me cry).</p>

<p>There was a letter attached about the background sent to my mom, who fowarded to me. The morale of the story, when you hug your child goodbye, please know we are hugging them hello. Make sure they understand that everyone wants to see them succeed. Many of us have endured this life and are willing to help them through it, and than there are also people never involved in that branch, but understands the life due to family.</p>

<p>If I was in the CGA right now, I would stand a little bit taller, and know that I might face bad days, but my brothers and sisters are in the hundreds now, who are willing to walk with me :)</p>

<p>Pardon my ignorance, but what is the comfort shawl?</p>

<p>It is a knitted shawl that you wrap yourself up in...think of a blanket. People are given it in times of need. It seems appropriate to give one to anyone at any academy.</p>

<p>I saw a thread about it in the USMMA section, I didn't know it was also done for someone at USCGA.</p>