USD Class of 2024

As the application deadline has since passed, I thought it would be great to start a thread and discuss our stats and how high up USD is on our lists.

Decisions begin to roll out in Feb but I’m hoping we hear earlier!

Chance me
3.7 uw gpa
1130 sat
5 ap class
Class president
President of best buddies
In many extra curricular
From Rhode Island

I loved USD when I visited it. It is my 3rd choice. I have already heard from 8 universities and have been accepted to all of them. If I get into my Top choice on Friday I will pull my application to USD so someone who has it as a dream school will hopefully get accepted.

Ally2020, what schools did you get into? What’s your top choice?

USD is a top two choice for me. In a realistic sense, USD is my number one. I am from MA and have pretty good test scores, GPA, and ECs. I am in contact with my admissions counselor who reads my decision and had a semi-interview when he visited my school. I love all of the aspects of USD and i’m praying for a good decision in the coming months :slight_smile:

@mify2020 i got into LMU, Chapman, Auburn, Fordham, Georgia, Santa Clara, Baylor, SMU. My top choice was Pepperdine but I didn’t get in. I am pretty upset about Pepperdine but really want to end up in California so it is probably between LMU and USD. I still have a few more schools but not really interested in any of them at this point. My parents made me apply to way more than I ever wanted to.

I know decisions will be available by April 1, but that’s so far away. Does anyone know if decisions were released earlier in previous years?

We were told during a campus tour last week that the first acceptance notices would be released late February.

Seems like last year the first wave came around the 12th-13th even though the website says the 20th

Based on last years thread, decisions could start coming out tomorrow…

Last year on this Tuesday, decisions started rolling out around 11:00am, anyone heard yet?

“Status Complete - Ready for Review”

Nothing yet for my D

Nothing here.

Looks like they’ll release those who are invited to honors first and that was the 12th last year followed by more decisions on the 13th.

Yes, it was the Tuesday last year, wasnt sure if it’s true to day of week or the date?

I was really hoping the first wave would start rolling out today

Me too

My guess is the date because it’s roughly the same date as two years ago as well.