USD Class of 2025

Hi all!
I haven’t seen a thread for University of San Diego 2025, so I thought I’d start one, as we’re just a week away from the application deadline. People can post their stats, or just any thoughts here. I’ll give my stats:

GPA: 4.49 Weighted (my school’s out of a 4.5 scale)
AP’s: APUSH (5) and Physics 1 (3) junior year, French and Calc AB this year
ACT: 32, but San Diego went test blind anyway
EC’S: Had about 7 or 8 solid ones (including work, club, volunteer) and some more “one time” things, also a few awards, mostly poetry or school ones
Essays: Pretty good, although I felt like the topics weren’t the best for me, so some of my answers weren’t able to be as creative.
Rec’s: Great

Also, I’m a male from MO at an all boys Catholic high school if that helps give more context. Hoping to also get invited to the Honors Program after decisions come out. I’d probably go in as a Real Estate major, or some other related thing in the business school, but that could change. Can’t wait to get to know you all!

GPA: 4.01 weighted
AP’s: Human Geography
SAT: Applied test optional
EC’s: Varsity Cross Country, theater, a few clubs, and lots of community service

honestly probably a reach for me but Im still hoping I get in.

Looks like it will be a while before we hear back from USD, since their deadline is today (later than other colleges my son applied to). Maybe we’ll hear something back by early March?

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I was reading through last years thread and it looks like most heard back around the end of February. Things could be different this year cause I heard that due to covid some colleges have been releasing decisions a little earlier than usual.


Does anyone know if they email you your admissions decision? I’m in their application portal but I’m not sure where we would go to see if we were rejected or accepted

I wouldn’t really worry about it. Usually when they release decisions, the whole portal will change format (they’ll also probably email/mail a decision letter a few days later). So there’s not necessarily a specific place where a rendered decision will appear.

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Has anyone else gotten an email from USD asking them to do a 30 minute Zoom call? DS received one this week and it’s not clear if it’s just a marketing thing where they want to get your answers to survey questions, or if this is a way to show demonstrated interest by talking to someone.

I haven’t gotten anything like that. Was it asking for an interview-related talk, or it didn’t specify?

yea i did. was also curious about that

It was sent from the Director of Admission, but asked if he would do a 30 minute call to answer questions about the web page for the College of Arts & Sciences, to give feedback on what he was looking for as a prospective applicant - maybe to tell them if it was useful or needed improvement? In exchange for doing the call they would give him an Amazon gift card. Maybe it is just for gathering info on their website and has nothing to do with admissions, but the timing is confusing.