USF - 20% Live on Campus?

My son and I toured last spring and really liked the campus and computer science program. The dorms were very nice (and spacious). The only turn off for him was data that suggested only ~20% of students live on campus. That may be fine for upperclassmen, but not freshman.

Does anybody have another point of view on this? Would love to hear about freshman experience…

I’m a senior and I toured about a month ago. Many of my older friends ended up attending USF and live on campus, since our hometown is ~2 hours away. From what I’ve seen and heard, they love it there and there are many freshmen that also live on campus. I think it really depends on which dorm your son stays in, as some dorms are known for being more tight-knit than others. When I toured, I never really got a commuter vibe, even though that’s what USF has previously been known for. I think its really been changing over the years.

Thanks so much for your insights. I will pass this along.

The 20% of the students living on campus are mainly freshmen. That’s pretty common at large universities (flagships or flagship-size). After that, many students move to Greek housing, off campus apartment, some private/university sponsored housing (many private apartment houses work with the schools to rent one room in an apartment to only students).

USF is becoming more residential every year. Lots of new residence halls and dining options. And the perimeter of campus is loaded with apartments that are almost all USF students.

Thanks so much for asking this question Happy. I have been wondering same… my son just received his acceptance as well. We are also from NJ. What county are you in?

Monmouth - Howell, NJ

Daughter goes to UF, so an all Florida scene might be in the cards.

We are from Monmouth County too - Tinton Falls :slight_smile: