USF Class of 2024 EA decisions

I applied Early Action as a communications major to University of San Francisco. I was assuming decisions would come out around mid December (as many other similar schools do) and a comment on their Instagram made it seem like this week, maybe the 13th. Has anyone heard anything else about when EA or ED decisions come out?

Same. I heard from SCU already and am impatient for USF!! I think Monday the 16th, if they follow past years’ patterns…

I was rejected from SCU earlier today, so I’m really hoping for some good news from USF soon! Hopefully the 16th or sooner, then.

I expect that they will post/change portals by Friday saying decisions have been made, but not reveal the decisions on the portal. They responded that decisions come by mail and email, not the portal, on their Instagram responses. They will mail them out, and then email decisions 2-3 days later to allow time for letters to arrive for some students. So maybe Monday or Tuesday?

Decisions have been mailed per the Instagram story

Does anyone know if it is possible to hear back before mid-March if I applied Regular Decision? I really do not want to wait that long… : ( Also, good luck to those who applied EA/ED.

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Looks like last year people heard back around March 11th, so probably not before mid-March. Good luck to you though! Decisions will be here before you know it!

I just got an email from USF about graduation success and rates etc. Can’t tell if it’s asking me to consider applying or consider saying yes because I’ve been admitted. I live in NY and still have not received my decision. Has anyone who has been admitted to EA 2024 also received this email?

I haven’t received my EA decision yet and I haven’t received that email either. From what I’ve seen those emails usually don’t mean much, but now I’m nervous!

Just got my acceptance in the mail in Bay Area!

My son received his EA acceptance via mail today, as well as scholarship offer.

my son just got his EA acceptance letter for nursing major with scholarship in the mail today as well. No email yet and portal hasnt been updated. We are in the bay area.

any new info?

Still waiting for my letter. I live in Washington state.

Admission letter received today in the PNW (Seattle). Nice merit award as well. Good luck to everyone.

Congrats!! Now I’m wondering where my letter is even more as I’m very close to Seattle.

Other letters have taken up to a week to be delivered. Was actually surprised it arrived today. I am sure it will be there tomorrow.

My son’s letter came today. VA

My daughter received her acceptance into International Business today via snail mail. $100,000 scholarship. OOS (Minnesota). SAT 1350, ACT 29, 3.97 unweighted GPA. 7 AP classes. Captain of swim team, NHS, lifeguard, part time time job.

Admitted today as an international business major with an $80,000 scholarship!