USF (South Fl), GSU (Georgia State) vs. FAU's Wilkes Hon College and UNF honor program.Urgent Please

I have been accepted into University of South Florida, Georgia State University, FAU Harriet Wilkes honors college and UNF- University of North Florida’s honor program. Since May 1st is the decision day but I am still confused with my selection. I will really appreciate if someone preferably the current students or parents could provide me some guidance in terms of the quality of education, available resources, student to teacher ratio and strength of the faculties. I am the first generation college student therefore I have no idea about various factors which need to be considered prior to making the life long decision. I am a dedicated student (SAT 1400/ACT 31) and will be taking educational loan for pursuing my career. Therefore, I will appreciate if someone could help me in narrowing down this list with pros and cons for each school shared. I would like to discuss it later with my family prior to making the deposit within day or two. I am interested both in business and 4 year healthcare degrees to payoff my loan and be financially strong for pursuing a masters degree. I am looking for classes where I can remain focused and could complete my home work at the same time so that I could spare few extra hours for part time job in the evening. Prompt response will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Is the price the same for all schools? Do you have either BF or HOPE? If so, take those and pick a school in your home state.

UNF is much smaller than the other schools. It’s nice, but not exciting. I know a lot of kids who went to FAU and they were happy.

Personally, I’d pick USF just because I think it is nicer, physically, than the others.


Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. Moreover, I am curious about the teacher to student ratio and quality of education for each school. How students with 200+ class strength could follow the instructions and learn difficult topics in a big class. Unfortunately, I could not apply to USF honor program because the deadline was already passed and based on my high school experience I feel that learning in big class will be a challenge. Any input in regard to the learning process will be appreciated. Best regards,

Most colleges will have large lecture classes for introductory courses and smaller class sizes as you proceed to higher-level courses. Check to see if your schools offer discussion periods along with the lecture—this is essentially another smaller class where you internalize the material.

If you want small classes and know you you’ve focusing in large classes, choose one d the honors college offers. So really the debate is between Wilkes* and Unfhonors.
Have you visited both?
Wilkes is much smaller but Jupiter is nice. It’s really good for science, with research labs nearby for internships.
UNF itself is larger but the town is less nice than Jupiter. It will be better for business (I think their business school is AACSB accredited, check).
On the other hand, you shouldn’t choose a college for its campus - academics should have priority, then"fit".

  • FAU's honors college is separate from FAU itself and has its own campus about 20-30mn away. Students do not take classes at FAU and follow their own curriculum. It's a bit like NCF but for the sciences and with grades.

Student to Faculty Ratios, based on the common data set:

UNF: 19 to 1
FAU: 24 to 1
USF: 22 to 1
GSA: 21 to 1

UNF Coggin College of Business undergraduate and graduate programs in business and accounting are AACSB accredited.

When looking at FAU, don’t forget to consider the cost of living in south Florida (everything is a more expensive, including car insurance).

I personally like USF. However, what are the bottom line costs to you at each school? Cost is an issue to you and USF, much as I like the school, isn’t worth a huge premium in cost over the others. Especially if loans are inby

@MYOS1634 Mostly agree, except that you say it’s “like UNF for the sciences”. We tout research facilities that students have no access to; I have asked to borrow equipment for a project and have had a less-than-optimal internship experience at the institutes. With a bunch of high schoolers coming in to MP now, college interns there will become more rare.

We don’t follow our own curriculum, there is a liberal arts core of 36 credits you have to complete. If you have an AA or a number of AICE/IB/AP credits, it doesn’t matter much. If not, you start from scratch and will take classes in topics that don’t matter to you. Best of all, humanities classes are not easy here, so don’t think you’ll be sneaky and smart and sign up for intro to Asian studies online over the summer to complete the global citizenship core. You will get a B, and you will not be happy about it. You will try to knock out the IDS seminar classes and take a one credit class because its “easy” and you will be overwhelmed by half-term class timeline. You will try to complete the fine arts core, and art appreciation is two 40+ page quizzes, a 12 minute final presentation, and 12 3-page papers.

Also, Jupiter is nice until they hold beerfest or the Harley-Davidson Motorclub meetup across the street with the music blasting against the dorm walls Sunday before finals…

@wish2bb: what did you decide?