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Is the Honors Program Application ONLY for those who don’t meet the Honors Program requirements? My understanding is that, from website, “Students admitted to USF who have a 31 ACT or 1400 SAT and at least a 4.0 recalculated USF GPA will be automatically accepted into the Judy Genshaft Honors College.”- but is this WITHOUT even completing an application to Honors? Just making 100% sure, as I meet all of these benchmarks, and the Honors Program is my goal :slight_smile: - Logan

We are requesting that all students–even those with metrics for automatic admission–apply. The application allows us to get to know students before they arrive for Orientation.

Hi RealAcadAdvisor,

Thank you SO much for sharing this beautiful PDF with stats on USF! :slight_smile: My son, currently a junior, is dreaming of visiting USF and is impatiently looking forward to application time and a campus visit! Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Spring break travel plans this year, but we are hoping that a summer visit will be possible. He has been dreaming of USF for almost a year, and we just can’t wait to see the campus in person!

I just found this College Confidential board this week and am so happy to be able to connect with people like yourself. I was hoping that I might be able to ask you a few questions relating specifically to the admission process at USF.

  1. My son has just transferred to a HS in the United States. He was in a highly recognized European HS for his Freshman and Sophomore years (admission by testing). When he transferred to the USA for his Junior year, the new school only converted his grades to an unweighted scale so he received a 4.0 despite being in the IB program with all A’s in an elite school in Europe. This was also his first time studying in America and in the English language. He is taking 4 IB classes this year and has received all A’s. His 1st quarter Junior year weighted GPA in America was a 4.45. Our worry is that combined with the 2 unweighted years he has a very low weighted GPA for admission into the honors program. He should graduate in the top 10 kids in his class of 450 (top 2-4%) but the weighted GPA will remain rather low. He will only have several semesters available to receive weighted grades. How much does USF look at weighted vs. unweighted grades? Will an unweighted 4.0 be sufficient for the honors program? He feels the weighted GPA is not representative of what it could be due to the transfer. Should he mention this in his application?

  2. Would it be possible to request an appointment with an admissions officer at USF when we visit? My son is truly dreaming of USF due to the high output of research, excellent honors program, continual rise in national rankings and exciting overall upward trend of your institution… he is really dreaming of becoming a Bull!

  3. Regarding the SAT/ACT. Both of his scheduled tests were canceled this year, and although he is scheduled to take the June ACT and June SAT, we are concerned this may not happen. He did test in the top 96% in his PSAT this year and we were wondering if this score could perhaps be used if the SAT/ACT were not available?

Thank you so much for sharing the statistics on USF. We are absolutely counting the days to coming to visit your campus! What an exciting journey ahead! Go Bulls!

As for 1: we will recalculate the 5 core subjects, regardless of whether or not the HS weighted the courses. IB courses receive a +1 weight (e.g., B = 3.00/4.00 +1 = 4.00 final WGPA).

As for 2: certainly! Email me for more information:

As for 3: Again, contact me for updated information on tests for Fall 2021.