I am currently a high school junior and I was just looking into colleges when I found USF. I know I do not have to worry about financial aid because as I am in a legal guardianship instead of with my actual parents so I should qualify for really good aid. I know I want to go out of state in a very big city used their online calculator and saw that it estimated that it would be free for me to go there but I was wondering how it was for Pre-Med? It’s very important for me to get Clinical experience and create a strong application for med school. This is more of a safety school and I know I would get in but honestly, if I do not get into my first choice, I think I would want to go here because I have family in the Davis area that I’m very close with and I love San Fransisco and if this school has a really strong premed department then this might become my first choice.

Heres a little bit about me-
I am an IB diploma candidate and have a GPA of 4.0 although this might change because we are still in the first semester and I think I will get 2 B for the first time so UW my GPA will be 3.85 and weighted a 4.2
I am aiming for an SAT score of 1500 and an ACT score of 33
I am in 8 different clubs and I volunteer at an elementary school and the public library
I have over 100 hours and am in my national honor society
My personal statement will be about how my dad is sick and my mom died and I had to move in with people that did not like me and how that made me a stronger person and how it motivated me.
I am a student trustee for an educational board in my town.
There’s more but that is a pretty general idea.