UT Austin Class of 2025 — Decision Release Date: Mar 1

You will not get a housing contract until you accept the offer of admission and pay your enrollment deposit.

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Ah ok, thank you for the info. Also, accepted students: have you been receiving emails and information from UT? Out of the colleges that I got into, which have been sending me tons of emails regarding virtual tours and other possibilities, I feel like UT isn’t really communicating.

I think there is a bit of delay with UT emails. Now that I have confirmed my enrollment, and paid deposit, I’m getting a lot of emails regarding orientation, family orientation, tonight there is a UT25 longhorn celebration- got a card in postal mail for that too, housing, financial aid, etc.
It will start coming…

Thank you to everyone on this forum who helped me gather info on UT!!

So much great info and advice! Thank you!

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Thank you for all the great UT info!
UT Class of 25’

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Can you recommend a real estate agent please?

Hi, I was wondering if there are still spots for on campus housing. I haven’t decided what school I want to go to yet, but UT is one of my top choices. I submitted by housing deposit in February aswell. Also, I am OOS.

Hi, I was admitted to UT Austin, Purdue, and UIUC for Aerospace Engineering. I think for Aero, UT and Purdue are more of the real contenders for where I would want to go. But I would appreciate advice on all three for which is the better school for Aerospace Engineering or better school in general(if cost is not a factor).

Thanks in advance!

We are OOS too. Can you place share what is the paperwork to be done to get recidency status

I know official tours are not available yet - I want to do my own walk tour of UT. with my daughter. Is it open for. doing that? Any restrictions due to Covid. We are OOS.

You can walk around campus but you can’t go into most (all?) buildings? We were on campus a few weeks ago and saw an official UT your in progress. I’d check again, if I were you. Maybe they are offering a very limited number of yours…

Look up residency waiver and you should get to the section that request you to fill out a form by clicking on a link. It will show you what qualifies as domicile waiver. I would try to send the Residency counselor an email with Proof of employment in Texas as soon as possible. Good luck

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They are doing walking tours but they don’t go in any buildings. Most days seem to be full though.

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Can I still get a dorm if I applied April 1st??

Technically the UT campus is closed due to Covid. We were there in mid-March. We were able to go into the new Welcome Center just to get a nice campus map. It’s on the side of the PCL library building. We walked into the Jester lobby/market area. We walked through the new Student Union building (WCP) with the fireside room upstairs, but the food was all closed. We walked into the stunning new Engineering building (EER). It may have been open that day due to faculty/staff offering private tours. We also walked into the original Student Union that has the bowling/pool tables underground, but the large food court was closed. The Executive Center was also open. Most buildings like the new Comp Sci bldg. looked closed though. We were in a huge rush, so honestly didn’t try the doors on other buildings. The 2 rec centers (Gregory and REC) might stop you at the front desk, but you could ask about the intramural programs, etc. There’s a few museums on campus that were all closed, but I think either Blanton museum or Harry Ransom museum now have limited entry.

Official tours are happening for admitted students, I did one in February. The University of Texas at Austin - Campus Walking Tours

After you meet the requirements at the 11 months there’s a specific form in the UT direct account that you use to apply for residency and fill out and upload all the required documents requested. If anything is missing they will let you know. They usually grant it within 10 days. To find out the exact process however you should call the residency office. They’re fantastic.

In our case we bought a condo in May before my daughter began school. We had to upload her title (in her name), drivers license, voter card, utility bills, first page of her tax return showing the address, not sure what else.

If you can’t find the link for the form on UT direct send me a pm I may still have it but remember you can’t get residency until
Sophomore year. Residency office will email you the link as well. That’s how we got it.

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Is it okay if your kid doesn’t live in the condo? Might be something to think about as my kid applies to an OOS (non-TX) college in case they have similar procedures.

I don’t know how it works in other states and not all states have the same residency laws. Like some require you to have graduated high school there. Michigan and New York are ones I know it’s not possible. Like you need some history of paying taxes or something like that I can’t recall.

But in Texas technically you’re supposed to live there but many don’t.

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Has anyone else been waitlisted? I’m so confused because UT Austin’s common data set says they had zero waitlists since 2017