UT Austin class of 2026 admissions

Just opening up a thread for conversation, questions, etc.

Daughter applied 8/1 via ApplyTexas.


My daughter is about to hit send on her application - good luck! Is there an official thread for class of 2026 admission decisions? My daughter is auto admit but I have questions regarding majors… she is pretty undecided so we’d like to know how difficult it is to change after admission but before next fall.

@AJAggie13, not yet, but make one!

My kid is doing fine, but the delay in getting the ID number with Apply Texas and therefore delay in getting on the housing list is giving me stress!

Are there majors your daughter is considering?

We are opposite in that my daughter is firmly decided on her major. She is auto-admit but if doesn’t get the major she is going for, she’s going to have to make some hard decisions

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She’s condiering several types of engineering… Bioscience, Geoscience and Hydrology (or something), architecture and perhaps just Bio and then med school. She is all over the map and is going to spend this year really trying to decide… but it makes choosing a degree plan on these applications tough. We don’t know how it will affect the admission process.

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Hello! Thought I’d say hi instead of lurking about…
I look forward to hearing how things go for all the kids who apply. My S22 is still working on his essay, but doesn’t have the time pressure yet to get his application submitted since he’s waiting for NMSF to be announced (he wants that on the application:) He will hit submit on his ApplyTexas application by the end of September.

I hope all the auto-admits get the major they want! I know it was a shock to kids my S19 graduated HS with that they got admitted, but not their major. It took 2 months from when my son got his admission notice before he got his major, but it all worked out and he LOVES being a UT student.

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone good luck. I’m by no means an expert on any of this, but I have been through the UT application and housing bit before, so if I can help, I will try…


Anyone get their ID number yet?

I know UT sent an email stating it might be as late as Sept 1 now because of the ApplyTexas issues, but another ApplyTexas school she applied to on the same day as UT (Aug 1) was able to finally get theirs out, so am hoping the issues on Apply Texas side are resolved…

Does anyone here know why Apply Texas asks the applicant for his family’s most recent annual gross income? Seems like an odd question for the application since the application is separate from FAFSA.

@franknd … :woman_shrugging: not sure.

Daughter got her netID yesterday, finally. ApplyTexas was completed 8/1. Hopefully the ApplyTexas issues are all resolved.

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I received my ID on August 30th, and I am an auto-admit so I am still waiting on an acceptance without a major.


No auto-admission yet. App submitted on 9/3.

Status page says
" Your application for admission is complete."

UT admits direct to major and therefore it is often extremely difficult to change majors after admission, especially with the popular majors your daughter is interested in.

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Submitted housing app this morning after link appeared under housing tab.

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Same here, hoping to hear soon!

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Anyone getting communication from UT on Texas Preview?

I received mail today about Texas preview yes, if that is what you are asking.

Yes. UT used to have this on site. Now it may be virtual.

Just received my auto-acceptance today!!!


“Congratulations, ***! You’ve been automatically admitted to the Class of 2026 at The University of Texas at Austin.”

Also, the page shows under “To Do (Required):”

  • Accept or decline Admission
  • Enrollment deposit

App submitted : 09/03
App complete: 09/10


congrats! hope to see you on campus someday!

Daughter got her auto-acceptance today! Major pending.

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