UT Austin class of 2026 admissions

Youngest sent in her application in October. Was an automatic admit to A&M and already got their package and her major (Biology). Waiting for UT and Rice. 1400 SAT (taking it again this morning) and top 7.5%. Glad this is the final time doing this college rodeo, it’s exhausting!


Has anyone that is in state non-auto admit received any response yet? Does anyone know when the non-auto decisions are released?

The first wave of acceptance to majors is expected to be November 19th (Bases on pervious years)


Very few review admit will get response before Christmas, mostly happens third and fourth week of January.

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Thank you!


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My OOS applicant heard back Dec. 10 last year, but I don’t know how big that wave of decisions was.

Congrtulate again your OOS must be very distinguished. Last year thread very few OOS or non-auto admit got response that early.

One thing UT can guarantee is priority applicants will get some kind of response by Feb 1st (even through a few may got deferred to March 1st). And regular applicants will get response by March 1st.

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MyStatus portal indicates that as your admission application is complete, you have access to complete Housing and Dining application. Should we do that right away or wait until we hear any admission decision? Thank you,

You can wait, but know that housing contracts are based off when the housing application and $50 fee were paid. Also remember housing is not guaranteed at UT, so that may also sway your decision.

For my son, I went ahead and paid it as soon as the link was active (which happened to be the same time as his admission to the university came through.) Maybe he won’t get his major and attend somewhere else, but the $50 means we aren’t stressing over it.

Best of luck on admissions and securing your major!


@ForU - Ditto what wndrwmn said. We were told at an admissions meeting to submit the housing application asap after we submitted the college application if we wanted on-campus housing because UT does not have enough housing for freshman. They said if we wait until admission is received before applying for housing, your student may not have a spot. Definitely a money maker for UT if you think about the number of families that are paying for a housing deposit before knowing if their child will even be admitted to the university.

So if you want to ensure your child has a dorm room on campus, you may want to go ahead and pay the deposit.

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Congrats and good luck on securing his major too! UT is new to me and is different from some other colleges in terms of housing application timing - others either do not open until Jan/Feb or offer only to admitted students. Anyway, I will check it out soon. Thank you for the suggestion.

That’s what I was wondering. Last year’s acceptance rate was 32%, so there is 68% I might lose the housing deposit on top of admission application fee. :sweat: But thank you for the insights.

If you take out the auto-admit, and those admitted but not offered their major as soft decline, the effective admission rate is far lower than 32%.

Good to know. Very competitive.

If I Recall Correctly (IIRC)

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I tried accessing the Housing application but kept getting an error (Stale page). Do we need to first “Accept” before accessing the Housing application? My daughter is an Auto Admit and based on the comments above, I would like to get her housing application in line (as there is a huge chance she will go to UT)

You do not have to accept an offer of admission before applying for housing. I sometimes get the “stale” message if I’ve used the back button on my browser, or bookmarked a UT page. Try clicking the housing application link here to directly access the portal - Applying for Housing | Undergraduate Admissions | The University of Texas at Austin

If it’s still not working, contact the Housing Office & they should be able to help - Contact Us | University Housing and Dining | The University of Texas at Austin

Has anyone heard from UT on major acceptance? I thought the automatic admits were getting acceptance into the university and major decisions will follow. Thanks!