UT Austin vs. Texas State vs Evansville

My son has been accepted into the class of 2026 at all 3 schools- BA in Theatre (performers process) at UT Austin, BFA in Performance and Production at Texas State, and BFA performance at Evansville and at this point he can’t decide where is right for him. He wants to “hone his craft” and get a solid education, but also wants a theatre environment of peers that are supportive, not cutthroat. Does anyonr have insight on any of these 3 programs?

I don’t…I know Evansville is excellent in theatre - lots of actors, etc.

I would just point out that it’s very small compared to the others, it’s conservative and Methodist although the largest religion is catholic. I don’t think there’s a religious requirement but you may check into it.

UT - just getting in - congrats.

No clue about TX State.

Good luck to your student…

Wow — congrats! No clue about Evansville. That Texas State Performance and Production program looks very cool, especially if your son is interested in the production side at all. (I’m in Texas, went to UT when dinosaurs roamed the region, and my daughter is a theatre tech student out of state.) Which one is going to be the most affordable and will he have/has he had a chance to visit any/all of them?

I’m not sure it matters much. Is there a backup plan if theater doesn’t work out after college?