UT Austin vs UT Dallas?

I’m a high school senior deciding between UT Austin and UT Dallas. I applied to McCombs for UT Austin but Software Engineering for UT Dallas (I can still change the major at UTD). As for future job prospects, would it be better to go with engineering at UT Dallas as opposed to UT Austin McCombs if I plan on getting an MBA later? Also, would it be easier to maintain a high GPA at UT Dallas or UT Austin?
As for cost, UT Dallas would be much cheaper for me since I got the full-ride plus stipend (also got into the honors program). For UT Austin, I’d be paying about 30k per year.
Thanks in advance!

Have you visited both schools, and do you like both?

Also, can you or your parents afford $120K for undergrad at UT Austin? If not, then go to UTD. It is a fine school, and getting through your undergrad without debt will be a huge advantage since you want to go to grad school. Did you get the McDermott scholarship? I know it includes a stipend.

@chercheur Thanks for your reply!

I’ve visited both schools and I really liked both of them. I wouldn’t mind going to either.
I didn’t get the McDermott scholarship but I got AES Honors—full ride plus stipend. My parents said they would cover the cost, but is the prestige of UT Austin worth it? On the other hand, would I be missing out on opportunities (research, jobs, etc) if I went to UTD?

@“De Tennis” my DS didn’t get McDermott either but I’m actually happy about that because of all the restrictions that I didn’t know about until finalist weekend. Although DS is an auto admit to UT Austin he will have many more opportunities at UTD and he’s NM so it’s a full ride. UTD has tons of research opportunities - more than UT and great options for internships. What do you think prestige at UT will get you? You will be offered the same starting salary no matter where you go to school. It’s what you do while in college not where you go that will get you a job.

Good luck in your decision! You sound like a very intelligent young person, and I have no doubt you’ll do well in college.

Keeping a high GPA at either school will get you into a good grad school. Maybe you should speak to your parents again about the finances. If they have the cash saved up, then it really doesn’t matter - pick the one you like the best. If you or they have to take out loans, then UTD is the way to go, IMO.

My DD had the same decision 2 years ago. She was accepted at UT for CS and UTD gave her a great scholarship. She did pick UTD, not only because of the money but it did help. UTD gives her flexibility with majors and minors and allows her to explore different areas. She has changed her major to Cognitive Science. She will graduate in 4 years with a masters in it as well as a minor in CS and a minor in fine art. UTD allows you to take 18 credits/semester which she does. She does have a very well paying internship for this summer in CS. I will second the research comment above. UTD has so much research going on and they need undergraduate students to help. She loves the Dallas area and always has something to do (and she is from Austin, so she can compare.) The one thing that has helped is that she does have a car there. Not necessary because of public transportation but it does make things easier. It was the right decision for her.

As far as GPA, I think both schools are challenging. Reputation - if you want to leave Texas for your first job, graduating from UT would make it easier I think. I think if you want to work in Texas or after you get that first job, there will be no difference. Also, as stated above, it matters what you do with your 4 years. At UTD, you can get a masters, have leadership positions, do research and the school makes it easy to do. Tough decision, I know. Good luck to you!

Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate your guys’ input on this since it’s really a tough decision to make. Especially over the course of a few weeks!

Let us know what you decide!

There are many students that declined scholarships at UTD to attend UT … I think it’s ideal to intentionally seek them out and pick their brain before making a final decision. UT offers an EXPERIENCE, NETWORK, and OPPORTUNITIES that UTD simply can’t … and just maybe the debt is worth it considering you’re going to a high paying field and who’s to say you won’t get additional scholarships during your tenure at UT? You’re eligible to apply for many scholarships every year

The school spirit and love I see by UT graduates for their school … is just extremely strong and special. UTD alumni community leaves a lot to be desired and I’ll leave it at that …

UT Austin has all the flexibility of a plutonium rod. Their engineering school is so selective that you would pretty much need a near 4.0 GPA to change your major. On the other hand, you could study Information Technology at McCombs if you like computers, and it’s a top program. UT Dallas will give you a lot more flexibility if you want to change majors. Their engineering program is also top notch. You’re also in Dallas, which is a gold mine for internships and job opportunities. The downside is that there’s zero, and I mean, ZERO school spirit.

On the other hand, you’re getting a huge scholarship. That’s a game changer! Go for the scholarship. Since a computer degree is employable, there’s no need to spend that much money for the sake of prestige. Trust me, it won’t help you when you’re drowning in debt. You want to start a career focused on your new job, so you can gain experience.

I went to UH as a NM Scholar and chose it over UT. Graduated with no debt and went to Columbia B-School and worked at a bulge bracket invt bank. Enjoy yourself and do well at UTD and you’ll do fine for grad school.