UT Business Honors Program Class of 2023

I couldn’t find an “official” thread for UT BHP 2023 like there was for last year, so I decided to make the thread. Here’s last year’s thread, if you’re interested:


Key information from last year’s thread:
—People got interview emails as early as October 5th. The only thing I’ve seen about interviews this year, though, is one person that was contacted for an interview on November 1st.
—Interviews went as late as January
—There was someone who applied + had interview in October but wasn’t accepted until February
—The first wave of BHP phone acceptances was on December 11th.

I personally submitted my BHP application October 14th and haven’t received an interview email.

If anyone gets an interview or has any updates post them here!

My kiddo submitted her BHP app on Oct 14th. Nothing yet.
Auto admitted, but desperately waiting to hear back from BHP. Its been a month already, so kinda getting worried that we may not make it.

Anyone heard back about interviews yet or know of anyone who has?

@ClarkKent007 I wouldn’t worry too much, I don’t know of anyone that’s heard back from BHP. As far as I can tell, things are running late this year. Unless there’s a large group of people that have already gotten interviews but just don’t happen to be on this forum.

Has anyone received interview email? I submitted my application on Oct 30

My D did.

Are interviews over Skype or in person? My DS submitted his app sometime in Oct.

They are done over the phone.

@Texasmom71 is your daughter OSS?

In state

I saw that Plan II admitted someone tonight. Has anyone heard of anyone else getting into Business or any of the other honors programs?

D got BHP email for interview on nov 12, alumni contacted nov 14 and interview held nov 17.
Submitted app early October. Autoadmitted early nov. got McCombs’s business on nov 16. Instate applicant.

Anyone know when to expect decisions on BHP?

@firefoxmoxia226 first round for BHP came out about Dec 8 last year.

2 years ago, my child received McCombs decision on a Wed night and received the call with acceptance to BHP two days later, end of the day on Friday, This was the week before Thanksgiving. I think the calls happened the first week of Dec. last year.

Thanksgiving is also early this year, so I’m thinking more like December before large numbers start to hear. We are OOS so even though my daughter applied by the Priority deadline, including her supplemental information for the Honors application all in by Nov 1 for McCombs, she was told not to expect to hear until Feb 1 (last year only 3 people from our school were accepted in Dec, the rest in Feb, maybe even later for some). Do they send you an email when you’re decision is ready, or does one just need to keep checking the application status constantly? So frustrating!

If it helps, I think all rounds came out on Fridays around 3 or 4 PM last year except that TINY wave around Dec 7…and then every kid who posted on here who got into their major that day got into BHP or Plan 2 the next day. We will check on the first Friday in Dec and then the Friday before Christmas break and then not again until a Friday later in January. Last year only 1200 kids total had gotten in by Dec 12 according to someone who posted on here. Very few get in before Christmas. We did not get any emails to check status at all last year.

It seems, though this is just speculation, that there is no reason for the University to admit an applicant to their major earlier than the University published date of Feb unless they need to in order to offer admission to BHP or Plan 2???

Just received my email about an interview today

Thanks @xtexasmom. It does help! I guess we just have to keep checking, since one never knows if there may be a random date this year like Dec 7 last year! I can’t imagine how time is wasted for kids that apply to a dozen or so schools if none of the schools sent an email telling them when their decision was ready.

@CollegeParent123 There is a small number of applicants UT actively recruits into specific degree programs, who are given an early admit to compete with acceptances from other universities.