UT paying athletes

<p>I wont say any names, but a good friend of mine was recruited by UT. He just got to austin monday and already has a few nice things...</p>

<p>So who else thinks UT pays athletes? </p>

<p>btw you all will probably be chanting his name sometime this season.</p>

<p>You need to differentiate between illegally paying athletes and the athlete spending their stipend. It is important to remember that while their tuition on scholarship is given directly to the school, the athlete is given money for room and board. Depending on the school, this can be quite large and it is not tough for the student-athlete to live in a place much cheaper than what he is given.</p>

<p>I highly doubt he has a $1,000 an hour job at a car dealership like Zero U gives out.</p>

<p>Hahaha unless your friend is extremely, extremely, good, he will not get much playing time. I've had 3 friends get recruited from UT. One was #1 in the nation overall(via rivals.com), and he really didn't get that much playing time. So I highly doubt anyone will be shouting his name, except...you. LonghornDan hit it on the nail. They can give up to the COA in scholarship money, $4000 of that covers transportation, living expenses, and books. On top of that $10,000 is given for room and board, so that's up to $14,000 he could be using however he wants to and no one can really say anything about it.</p>

<p>Wow, pierrechn, once again you're (or maybe I should write "your") posting absolute rubbish. You have no idea how careful Texas is about following the rules. They spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid infractions - it's a challenge, because there are so many complex rules to follow.</p>

<p>^^^Lol ML..Here we go again...Pierre, Mainelonghorn is absolutely correct..UT is the wealthiest, most branded college franchise in the US..they are also very, very careful about following the rules because they have no reason to break them..they have too much to lose and there are too many great athletes that would give them thier right arm to play for the horns..no need to "pay" them..as I stated before..why don't you get on over to the Blynn board instead of trying to stir up trouble over here..Hook-Em!</p>

<p>im talking about illegally paying athletes, my friend just got a new BMW.(his family is by no means rich)</p>

<p>lol i doubt @mainelonghorn personally knows any recruits. </p>

<p>and @longhornhopeful what were the names of your friends? and were they recruited for football...</p>

<p>by the way my friend will be the Dez Bryant of Texas.(this year or next)</p>

<p>who were your friends though? i dont remember the #1 recruit on rivals goin to texas(not in a few years anyway, aside from Vince Young)</p>


<p>Your friend is going to be another "jump-ball" OSU receiver that will get kicked out of school for NCAA rules and will most likely flounder like all the other Okie lite WRs in the NFL? Plus, if this supposed player (I'm assuming either Mike Davis, John Harris, Chris Jones, Darius Terrel, or Darius White) really did receive a Beamer, that would be from a booster, not the school. Obviously this is still illegal, but sadly schools cannot control what boosters do with their money. Boosters gone wild have gotten many programs in trouble before so lets hope this is just another one of your misinformed opinions that seems to stem out of your rage of not getting accepted to UT.</p>

<p>Even if Dez got kicked out, he still got drafted in the 1st round. </p>

<p>O okay i guess it was a "booster"; i see you know how to use Rivals.</p>

<p>and this doesnt just go for UT, a lot of schools pay their athletes. </p>

<p>lol people on here always mention me not getting accepted; the truth is most of the people on this board are TRANSFERS.........</p>

<p>i dont know about giving an "arm and a leg" to play for the horns, in all honesty it would make more since to play for a decent school opposed to a great school.(sports wise) At a decent school you would shine, like crabtree did at tech(along with graham), or how Keenums doin at houston. Just like Scotty Young will do at Tech this season.</p>

<p>UT has turned 3 star recruits into stars..ehh Mccoy.. I think one of the main reasons Case got recruited, was because of Colt.(and talent of course)</p>

<p>Yes I know how to use rivals, as well as scout, espn, hook'em.com, Burnt Orange Nation, NCAA Strategies, and Operation sports. I probably have forgotten more about recent UT sports and recruiting then you have ever known.</p>

<p>The difference between you and the others who have be initially denied from Austin is that they usually just disappear and don't stay on the board spewing mis/uninformed opinions.</p>

<p>Also, kids would give an arm and a leg to play at UT. Very few take much recruiting and they tend to commit they second they are offered at spring Junior Days. Year-in and year-out UT gains over a dozen commits before these kids are even seniors. With the exception of a few players every year, they tend to jump at the chance to play at UT. Also, when you list players like Keenum and Crabtree, you are ignoring the fact that they are exceptions, not the rule. They are successful, but UT has had many more successful players that one every decade. Also, neither were offered by UT, so they may be having success elsewhere, but they didn't shun UT, UT shunned them.</p>

<p>lol well i am a fan of UTs Football program, and have been for awhile.(i enjoy college football)</p>

<p>yea UT shunned them, but they still ended up prospering. alot of players arent recruited by the best programs but still end up in the pros. kind of off topic, but i remember watching Sergio Kindle play when i was in middle school/ he was bigger than everybody</p>

<p>also does anybody know why Jordan Shipley was a 6th year senior? ive been wondering lol</p>

<p>didnt you do the CAP program?</p>

<p>pierrechn, to maintain a slight degree of anonymity, I'm not going to tell you my connection to the UT sports program, but it goes a lot deeper than knowing a recruit, lol. You're making yourself look very foolish.</p>

<p>your just saying i have a "connection" lol, you could be lying for all we know.</p>

<p>Shipley was a 6th year senior because after his redshirt year, he tore up his leg and was given a medial redshirt, thus he was allowed an extra year. I am looking forward to seeing his brother on Campus who will be in Austin Fall '11.</p>

<p>Sergio Kendle i huge. I remember I went to a pro day with my friend's dad back a few years back and for some reason Sergio was watching. The dude is a giant and it is funny to see that he moved from MLB to OLB to hybrid DE/Rush LB. There should be no doubt that he cane learn new positions.</p>

<p>He was granted a 6th year because of medical reasons by the NCAA, he really messed up one of his knees early in his UT career. </p>

<p>UT is one of the few schools that can pick and choose their recruits, they don't need to try very hard to get recruits to come in, its a very stable program.</p>

<p>As for the next dez byrant, I wonder who you are talking about, because it can't be darius white, because he went to a high school next to mine and he has many friends that went to high school with me, and i doubt d money would pull up in his neighborhood with a beemer. It can't be mike davis, dez was a jump ball wideout at 6'3 i think, mike is only 6'0 so I doubt he can be a great jump ball wideout, oh well.</p>

<p>And what should make anyone take what you say as truth, pierre? It really is pathetic how you stick around trolling for attention (which we all should do better to ignore in the future). If you really did get offered CAP it's a damn shame...</p>

<p>yea man i remember going to Kindles games when he played at Woodrow Wilson//// he dominated.</p>


<p>UT already has like 20 recruits from the class of 2011. so yea they have a variety of players to choose from.</p>

<p>If you don't go to this school why would you post here? I don't understand.</p>

<p>I know personally okafor, vaccaro, and mims. They all got playing time for fall 2009, look them up. And by the way pierrechn I may be a transfer to UT but I was actually accepted into UT for my freshman year unlike you.</p>

<p>so you passed the first time and now your back for seconds.............</p>

<p>those players are pretty spread out</p>

<p>What the hell are you talking about idiot? You have absolutely no idea what my situation was.</p>