UT Plan II Honors vs Trinity University

So I have to decide between Trinity University and the Plan II program at UT before May 1st and I’m stumped.

The high school I go to is small, my graduating class is only 98 kids and the entire school is less than 400 people. This is why I have always wanted to go to a small college and I know Trinity would be perfect in size. But I was talking to my advisor at UT and she told me that the classes for Plan II are smaller than others, but there would still be some classes I’d have to take with like 500 students or more and I don’t feel too good about that.

I think what draws me to UT is that it’s in Austin (amazing city and it’s closer than San Antonio for me), pretty diverse, and the Plan II honors program is so well-known, plus my advisor is super helpful. With Trinity, my advisor experience hasn’t been that great, but the professors are very accessible from what I’ve heard, the dorms are very nice for the price, and they have such a beautiful campus that would be so nice for studying.

The financial aid is almost exactly the same and both Plan II and Trinity offer a tight-knit community that I would love to be a part of.

Any advice?

Plan II. Spread your wings with the support of that ‘tight knit community’!

Plan II. Everything you like about Trinity, you’ll like even more in Plan II.

Trinity is a good school (I live in San Antonio), but Plan II is often compared to Ivy programs. Admission is very competitive. Congratulations!

@romns116, guessing the OP has made their decision…

Sorry, I just noticed the date! Common sense would’ve said Sept is too early for these decisions, but I wasn’t listening :slight_smile: