UTampa Class of 2025 Decisions

I applied to UTampa at the beginning of November for EA, and on their website it says we should receive a decision by December 15th at the latest but I have not heard back yet. Does this normally happen?

I know someone who applied mid-Nov EA and still no news. Was wondering if they didn’t consider the app EA or something if materials weren’t received on time. Maybe they had an increase in apps and are behind?

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It may be due to the fact that I didn’t apply for the fast track application and just did normal EA. It is confusing though because I submitted all the proper materials and my portal says “application complete-awaiting decision”.

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My daughter applied early November ( by the. 15th) but unfortunately her transcripts and letters of recommendation didn’t get sent til Nov 18th so it bumped her out of EA1. They told her she is EA2

My D applied using the spartan fee waiver code on the CA end of October and was accepted 17th Nov. Has also had her merit scholarship posted.

Did they say when EA2 decisions get released? Been checking the portal for three weeks thinking EA. lol School materials didn’t arrive until 11/17 so thank you for the info.

My daughter applied to Tampa in the beginning of October and found out she got accepted by the end of the month. She sent her SAT scores that weren’t over the top, but had a lot of extra curriculars and volunteering

My daughter applied early with the free app - we did not send her ACT because they said not o, save our $$ - they wouldn’t use it. Her GPA was a 4.5 and 9 or 10 AP - and she got $17K I believe. Very nice. However, she has joined the accepted student chats - and she says it’s just Northeast kids saying they want to party and get high and it’s turned her off. Perhaps, as it’s just kids, other school chats say similar…I’m not connected but I guess there’s a reason yields are like 30%, etc. Many won’t go. Good luck to you though - it looks really nice and I sat in on a parent webinar and all were pleased with their kid’s experience.

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No, they didn’t say. My daughter has been checking portal daily lol. EA1 heard by Dec 15th so I’m thinking it may be Jan? But that’s a complete guess. Frustrated to have missed it by just a few days.

Website says by Feb 15th :-1:

I have heard that UTampa has a large population of kids from the NY/NJ area so I can see how it might attract certain types of people who may want to simply get away from the cold weather and party. However what I personally liked about UTampa was that it was one of the few Florida schools I found that was not super large but still had a really good program for my major.


I applied EA in early October and heard back in late November. Maybe get in touch with your admissions officer? That’s strange.

I contacted admissions and they told me that there was a record number of students this year who applied so they had to move my application until later in the decision cycle… I hope that is not a bad sign because this hasn’t happened with any of the other schools which I have applied to.


Has anyone heard back? My daughter received an email response in late Nov saying she should hear within four weeks. It’s been almost eight. Not sure whether to contact them or let it be.

I know someone who emailed admissions this week to check on status. Let’s just say they received a stock-letter back.

“ Thank you for applying early to The University of Tampa. However, The University of Tampa experienced a 15% increase in applications this year which has limited the early action process.

After carefully examining your credentials, we have decided to postpone making a final decision on your application until later in our decision cycle: between February 16 and April 1 when all “regular” or the majority of our admission decisions are made.

We appreciate your patience. Please let me know if you have any questions. “

There is no way they “carefully examined” this student’s credentials and had to postpone making a decision, unless UTampa now can’t decide on kids with a perfect GPA, top 1% rank, and top 1% standardized test score. So if you heard something similar in an email response, I wouldn’t read too much into it other than - the admissions office is behind.


I agree with this, I was currently accepted to a school much more selective than Tampa when it comes to stats and overall competitiveness yet when I emailed my Tampa admissions rep (since I had applied back in November) they told me that they had to move my decision to later in the application cycle, so the only thing I can assume is that the admissions office is really behind.

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Update, despite being told the app review has been delayed to Feb/March, that student was accepted this week to UTampa so keep your eye on your email.

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I was just admitted today! 3.1 gpa, test optional, OOS


Just got accepted into their honors program last monday :slight_smile:

GPA: 3.86 UW and 5.76 W
SAT: 1440

I’m trying to apply for the Gregory Foundation Scholarship which is the only way I could ever afford UTampa as a low-income student. Anyone else who are applying?

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D21 has received emails referencing the Honors program in general as if she’s a part of it but was not specifically invited or notified. She also hasn’t received anything from UTampa via USPS mail, only an online acceptance (last week).