UVA Architecture/chances OOS

Hey guys.

UVA is not my number one choice, but I applied for EA anyway because of how much I liked the campus when I visited. I applied to the School of Architecture and I was wondering about my chances of getting accepted.

I am a Wisconsin resident (white male). My UW GPA is 3.824, and 33 ACT composite (SAT was cancelled due to COVID and most schools went test optional). My academic rigour includes taking 8 AP courses (AP Euro, AP US, AP Lang and Comp, AP Physics 1, AP Calc AB, AP Music Theory, AP German 5, AP Gov) and taken many honors courses (Bio, global studies, physics, geometry english 9 & 10, trigonometry, and chemistry). I have also taken the only architecture-related course offered at our school, CAD 1.

As far as ECs go, I have participated in soccer and baseball for 3 years each, earning captain ranks on the JV squad for both sports freshman year. I’ve also done tennis. I’ve also been a stagehand for the past 3 years, helping construct sets for school productions. I am a member of the tryout jazz band as well as the tryout a capella group. I am a section leader of the saxophones in our marching band as well.

I also have nearly 100 volunteer hours, a bulk of them coming from Habitat for Humanity, an organization dedicated to constructing homes in poor neighborhoods (lots of construction experience).

So, that all being said, how do you guys think I’ll stack up against others? I know my chances are slim being out of state.

UVA Architecture used to have a much higher acceptance rate than the College of Arts and Sciences. Not sure if that is still the case but it was a couple of years ago. Being from Wisconsin is also a plus I imagine. Your stats are on the lower side but still in range. UVA does have a holistic review process so if you spent time on your essays, submitted a quality portfolio, given those other two factors I think you have a decent shot

Update: I got in!!

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