UVA Chances

What are my chances at UVA (instate)?
Current Junior
Stats: GPA W: 4.6 UW: 3.99999

SAT: 1420 (a little low, hoping to get it up in December)

Course Rigor - AP: 2 last year (AP CS A - 5, AP stats - 4) and 6 this year (AP Calc AB, AP Physics C: M, AP USH, AP Lang, AP Micro/Macroeconomics, AP Psych)

  • Other class this year is a CS junior research class
  • school doesn’t offer any AP’s freshman year :frowning:
  • all other classes are honors classes, apart from gym, and 2 years of history, and foreign language (no honors option)
  • Attend stem magnet school
    Class rank: attend very competitive public high school in NOVA, hoping to be top 10% of the class
    -Started summer camp that teaches java to middle schoolers (received a commendation by the district supervisor) 2 years far with over combined 150 combined students
  • Varsity Swim team since freshman year (team placed second at states) - hoping to be captain senior year
  • Also junior coach of the community swim team (3 years), (been on team 6 years) - placed fifth at a countywide swim meet, and have consistently been named an Allstar - also won age group MVP and leadership award.
  • TSA member, was set to compete at states in cybersecurity and software development last year
  • Mu Alpha Theta member - asked to conduct a tutoring workshop for other tutors
  • Comp Sci honor society member at STEM school
    -NHS member
  • job at an educational institute

Indian male
First-generation college student
Hoping to study CS
Will this be good enough for UVA ED at engineering college? If not what do I need to improve on apart from SAT score?

We were told at the alumni review session that UVA looks askance at not having four years of a foreign language. They also said it might not matter at the engineering school. It ended up not mattering for my oldest son as he applied out of state to UVA engineering and got in. He was the valedictorian of this class with a 35 ACT and a legacy so I am sure all of that contributed.

Also we were told that UVA wants you to take the highest rigor offered for each class every year. They actually count the number of highest level classes as a ratio that goes into their determination of rigor. If your two APs total before senior year are the highest rigor offered you should be fine I think.

Hi, the two AP’s was my sophomore year,(3 was the highest available to me, but I decided against taking AP world history as it wasn’t aligned with my interests). This year(my junior year) I am taking 6, which is the highest currently available to me, as I chose to take a CS research class.

Can anyone else chance me please, I want to know what I need to improve on so I have the best chances of getting in. Thanks!

Nobody, not even admission officers, can know what your full application will look like when it’s time to apply. Keep up with your school work, maintain the EC work that’s rewarding (if possible during a pandemic), and don’t spent time in “chance me” threads. Everyone is guessing.

dont worry kethan youll make it lol

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