UVA? Chances?

<p>Wow, so today I just kind of discovered UVA.
Of course I've known of UVA (one of my teachers actually went there), but I had never considered it as a possible college choice for myself.</p>

<p>It looks beautiful, and it seems to be a very good school in the Social Sciences area, which is what I plan to study.
Is this true?</p>

<p>And is it really 70% Virginians?
That's somewhat disconcerting, but I suppose I can look past that.</p>

<p>Anyway, I was wondering if I have a chance at getting accepted to UVA this year (Class of 2011). Candid assessments are appreciated.</p>

GPA: Overall- 96.5/100.0 (Freshman- 94.9 / Sophomore- 97.1 / Junior- 97.4)
Rank: 13/368
SAT I: 2290 (Critical Reading- 700, Math- 790, Writing- 800)
SAT II: Biology-E- 690, Math Level 1- 740</p>

Math Club - Officer, Vice-President, President
Mathlete Team - Captain
Merit Certificate - New York Math League
Silver - County Interscholastic Math League
Spanish Club - President
School Newspaper - Feature Editor, Culture Corner Editor
Local Youth Football Clinic - Volunteer Assistant Coach
General Student Organization volunteer
Volunteered at Special Olympics
Studio Art course (will send supplemental slides)
2nd Place, schoolwide Art Contest
National Honor Society
Honor Roll every semester
National Merit Semi-Finalist
Published by The America Library of Poetry
1st Place, school Biology Fair
Brown University Summer Program
Babysitting job</p>

<p>Location: Long Island, NY
School Type: Private (Catholic)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male</p>

<p>very good chance i would say.</p>

<p>don't be worried about the 70% from virginia. its not bad at all. I'm from north jersey, and i have found that there are people who actually live in virginia and live farther away from the school than i do.</p>

<p>it's 2/3 virginians, NOT 70%.</p>

<p>2/3 ~ 70%</p>


<p>Jags, how does that happen? Every place in Virginia is accesible by at least four hours, and North Jersey is lik4 6-8 hours away/??</p>

<p>if you live way out in southwest virginia - what i call the panhandle - it actually takes about 6 hours to get to uva.</p>

<p>the fastest i've ever gotten to uva is just under 5 hours - granted i left at like midnight and drove through the night - but still. you'll find that if you come from super rural parts of virginia there arn't any main roads that lead you towards uva. so while direct mileage might be shorter - you'll find that the road mileage is just as great.</p>

<p>what school do you go to on long island?</p>