UVa Engineering and also COVID-19 response

What is the consensus on the pros and cons of UVa Engineering? My kid really likes UVa, even though engineering programs at other colleges he likes less are better ranked. I believe that fit if the school is most important, rather than so-called ranking of program (or college ranking for that matter).

Also, has UVa handled Covid-19 well and are most classes in-person? This is a generalization, but it seems that highly resourced, mid-sized privates may be better positioned to deal with pandemics – including future variants for which the vaccine may not be effective – than large public universities, though at under 20,000 undergrads UVa is much smaller than some other public flagships.

I am on faculty at UVA though not in Engineering so can’t speak specifically to that program. However, some of the students in my school collaborate with engineering students and they seem to be very happy in their respective programs. There are a lot of opportunities for research, and the students seem challenged.
Re: COVID-19, I believe all classes typically held in person (e.g. pre-COVID-19) are being held in person. A small number of faculty have expressed concern over this given they care for older adults or have small (unvaccinated) children at home. But, for the most part, we are THRILLED to be face-to-face with our students!


Thank you @momtofour12!