UVA Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Congrats to you as well! And that makes sense. I was on campus this semester and it was ok, but I want more opportunities in general for CS.

Do you guys see the financial aid package? I can’t find any mention of it

I can’t find anything on the portal regarding financial aid either

ya I’m just saying the major I applied to

Does anyone have advice on how to figure out if your credits are enough to keep you on track for your graduation year? I want to make sure I will still graduate in 2024 if I transfer to UVA.

did anyone lose access to sis? all of a sudden its not letting me log into sis

Did anyone get an email at 5PM from UVA notifying that the results are out? We never received one till now. Just want to make sure that we don’t miss any future notifications.

How do our colleges grades transfer over to UVA? Like does our GPA from our current college transfer over to UVA or does UVA just accept those courses as credit (meaning our GPA starts at a fresh slate)?

only credit is accepted. ur gpa starts over

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Any incoming second year females looking for an apartment? I love to go out but am super focused on school! I am also into traveling, shopping, Netflix, and going out with friends. I’m also always down for a coffee run! Please comment if you think we sound similar!

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If I get off of the waitlist I would totally be interested :’) Depending on credits, I could be a second year, but may be a third year there. No idea lol

Anyone here paid the deposit and received a welcome email or something of that sort? Just want to rule out an email issue at my end.

Hi! I’m actually a rising third year, but was a transfer this year. My friends and I are looking for a roommate! Some of the girls living in the house are actually also transfers :slight_smile: lemme know if you’re interested! You’d be sharing a room with a third year

Hey yall! I created an insta to help transfers looking for roommates or friends before fall. I know that not everyone has a facebook or CC account so hopefully this helps:
Congrats to everyone!

Does anybody know how many people they end up taking off of the waitlist on average?

I was accepted on April 30th to CAS
Rising sophomore with 52 credits (including first semester)
HS GPA: 3.8
College GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1500
Really strong essays and ECs
I won’t be attending though because I am committing elsewhere, so hopefully that opens up a spot for someone that wants it more!!

did you guys get the conditions letter?

@Alibi did you guys get the conditions letter?

Did anyone get any emails from UVA after acceptance?