UVa - Finance + Computer Science

My son wants to do a dual major in Finance and Computer Science. Which school does he have to apply to at UVa?

The computer science department offers a degree in the School of Engineering and a degree in the College of Arts & Sciences. They explain the differences on their website.

The School of Engineering offers a very popular Entrepreneurship and Business minor exclusively for engineers.

The McIntire School of Commerce is the undergraduate business school. Students who want to major in that school start in the College of Arts & Sciences to get their foundation education and then apply to spend the last two years in the Commerce school. Commerce has concentrations and tracks. Everyone must have 1-2 concentrations (finance and IT are options). Selecting a track on top of that is optional (quantitative finance is one).

Commerce also has a minor or two and a 5th year Masters program.

There are LOTS of options. There is no one, set path that all students with the interests you mentioned. Here’s a page on the McIntire website just for high school students.