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<p>I recently got accepted to Virginia and I wanted to know if any current or former UVa students could give me some info on the different frats and maybe srats if you know. I know that at a lot of other similar schools that I was looking at like Vandy and W&L there are certain types of frats like the southern frat or the jock frat or the pretty boy house and i wanted to know if it was the same deal at UVa. Thanks.</p>

<p>can anyone respond to this thread? i would like to know the answer too.</p>

<p>yeah, me too, the same for sororities...</p>

<p>Quick answer is yes - you've got a whole host of choices when it comes to the greek system. There's just about every type of frat that you could want at U.Va. We've got ~33 fraternities and ~16 sororities in the Interfraternity and Intersorority councils respectively. There's jock frats, service frats, academic frats (really... we have at least one "honor" fraternity)... I'm pretty sure someone is trying to start a gay frat. Phi Delt and Fiji are the "good guy" frats. As for "southern" frats, Zate is going to be at the top of the list but DKE is fairly hardcore as well. If frats and sororities are your thing, then you'll be able to find one you like in Hooville.</p>

<p>I know most frats at UVa are preppy, but is there one that is overwhelmingly preppy?</p>

<p>Several are... "The Hall" is probably one of those on the extreme, same goes for Sigma Chi. "Nantucket Red" my arse =)</p>

<p>I'm not that qualified to speak about the frats since I wasn't in one and things may have changed since the late 90's, but here's my take on them. Like what Hoosfun said, UVa has a wide assortment of fraternities and sororities from predominantly white, black, Jewish, Asian and Hispanic ones, to a newly created gay frat (Out magazine even named UVa the "Best Campus to Get Rushed By Frats" for a gay person. Personally, I find that surprising.), to frats based on your major (Alpha Chi Sigma - Chemistry fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi - Commerce, Trigon - Engineering), to service frats like Alpha Tau Omega, whose membership include both men & women, and whose purpose it is to do community service projects on the weekends (i.e. fixing desolate people's homes, feeding the homeless, etc.) Most frats & sororities that have houses are located in the Rugby Road area, and some of them have a specific rep.</p>

<p>Among the preppier frats are: Kappa Alpha & St. Anthony Hall (the quintessential Southern frats), Kappa Sigma & Pi Kappa Alpha (were both founded at UVa & one of them has 31 West Range next the Lawn as an endowed room - meaning that a brother is always awarded that room every year. I believe 31 West Range was also Woodrow Wilson's old dorm room), Delta Kappa Epsilon (was founded at Yale and tends to be comprised by mostly out-of-state students), St. Elmo's Hall (the "Euro" fraternity whose membership a few years ago included an English lord and a Danish count).</p>

<p>The preppier sororities are: Tri Delt (as in Saturday Night Live's "Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?"), and the Southern sororities, Kappa Alpha Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma. (There's even a humorous book written about KKG called "The Southern Belle Primer: Or Why Princess Margaret Could Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma"). </p>

<p>The bourgie (as in "bourgeois") black fraternity and sorority are Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Kappa Alpha. One thing to definitely check while at UVa are the black fraternity/sorority step shows. It's really cool seeing them perform intricate dances all in sync.</p>

<p>I wish I could speak more about the Asian & Hispanic frats/sororities, but most of them were created after I graduated. </p>

<p>The fraternities whose parties I particularly loved were Chi Psi (a.k.a. The Lodge, which is located far from Grounds. The brothers have a van that picks them up & drops them off for class, and theirs is the only house that has a swimming pool), Phi Kappa Psi (whose "Heaven, Hell & Purgatory" parties were awesome), Sigma Nu (10 years ago, Dave Matthews performed there every Tuesday before he got famous), Chi Psi (around the same time actor Woody Harrelson, who didn't go to UVa, would randomly show up at their parties & hook up with Tri-Sigma girls), and lastly Pi Lambda Phi & Sigma Chi. </p>

<p>For the full list of fraternities & sororities, here's a link:
<a href="http://www.virginia.edu/ofsl/greeks.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.virginia.edu/ofsl/greeks.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If you're not into fraternities & sororities, only 30% of UVa students are in them, and with over 300 student organizations on Grounds, you will have plenty of other social outlets.</p>

<p>Oops, I mentioned Chi Psi twice. The parties where Woody Harrelson used to show up were at Chi Phi, located next to Serp in the Quad.</p>

<p>just out of curousity, are there any sororities that are primarily out-of-state students?</p>

<p>That I don't know. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us?</p>

<p>Great response Globalist. That's pretty much what I was looking to find out. But btw were the lord and the count UVa students?</p>

<p>You're welcome. Yes, the British lord and the Danish count were UVa students.</p>

<p>naj087, are you going to do a frat at UVa?</p>

<p>ye im most definately gonna pledge a frat at UVa, I just don't know which one.</p>

<p>You'll have a chance to figure out which one during Rush. That's when you'll get the opportunity to visit each house and talk to the brothers.</p>

<p>naj087 - nice man, me too. From what has been written, I am leaning towards St. Anthony's. I was looking at your post, and I had a hard time choosing between UVa and W&L.</p>

<p>Whoa dude, I was having a lot of trouble choosing between UVa and W&L too. I was also really considering Vandy, but UVa was my PERFECT fit and W&L was like a smaller version that had kinda offered me admission and a lot of money (you know not too many minority kids especially from Miami) but I figured UVa is harder for out of state and the money is worth it in my opinion so what the heck I applied early. I don't know what frat I'd choose at UVa since my daddy is a kappa alpha psi (as are his brother and their father) but then on my mom's side my granddaddy was a deke(DKE) and my mom's brothers are Kappa Sigs, KAs, and a Phi Delt (southern, country boys from Georgia). Who knows what I'll do but I just think greek life is awesome and I think that UVa is a great place for it and it was one of the reasons why I chose the school (academics are pretty good too). Plus how can I rock the polos, croakies and rainbows and not be in a frat? These girls at my school dressed up as a frat for halloween and a bunch of people thought they were dressing up as me. It was awesome.</p>

<p>haha. awesome man. I know, I go to a public school in VA and not many people can pull off the purple polo's and bright polo sweaters haha; i'm like the only one that tries. if you have AOL give me your name; it's always nice to talk to fellow Wahoos.</p>

<p>Im at <a href="mailto:Naj087@aol.com">Naj087@aol.com</a> dude.</p>

<p>Hah! Some things don't change even over two decades! </p>

<p>Globalist: Did DU ever come back after all the drug problems in the 90s? Are they still in that house by Beta Bridge? (I think it will always be Beta Bridge regardless of who lives in that house) Do they still refer to TKE as "TOKE"? </p>

<p>How has dry rush affected things? Or did they never manage to pull that off?</p>

<p>BTW I was an ADPi when I was at UVa...we had the first female president of the A school, first female president of CLAS and EGADS we took Engineers and Nurses. Some of the more "southern" sororities cut those girls right off.</p>