UVA or these other places?

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>So I have a question about where I should apply early. My four favorites are BROWN, GEORGETOWN, UVA, and DUKE. I can’t decide which I should apply to early. My goal is to find a favorite and apply early to it. If I can’t narrow it down I will apply to Georgetown (and maybe another couple EA schools) early because it is EA, and the others RD. I want to find a favorite though?because if an ED school is actually my favorite then I will have a better shot early. I was hoping you guys could give me some input on UVA and how it compares to these others.</p>

<p>I know the stats and I don’t care which ranks higher on this or that list of the country’s best colleges. I have been to the campuses and know just how beautiful they all are. I want to know what it is like to be at the schools and what you guys think of them. I care about student life, the experience, and the preparation for after college. I want to have fun, make great friends, learn a lot, be involved in school spirit, party, work hard, etc. </p>

<p>If you guys could give me any sort of input on the schools and your experiences with them that may help me out. I know it ultimately comes down to my preference but I thought that you all being the knowledgeable people that you are could shed some light on the four schools. I can get a great education at all four of these schools, where can I have a great college experience? Is UVA the place or no?</p>

<p>Any info helps, be biased, be opinionated, be truthful, just help me out.</p>

<p>I thought maybe adding some info about myself might help, but I don’t really need you guys to tell me the best fit for me, I just want your personal input on the colleges. Either way here is some stuff about me:</p>

<p>-Attend a northeastern prep/boarding school
-Like math and science less than English and history
-Like sports a lot, play for fun. Love Frisbee
-Prefer small classes in which I can be involved
-Don’t want to get lost in a huge confusing place
-Like parties and like to work hard
-Like to take the lead in clubs, class, etc
-Love music (play 4 instruments.) and listening too</p>

<p>Not sure if this helps, but hey, whatever, any input from you guys helps.</p>


<p>Georgetown has open EA and the others have non-restrictive ED. Apply to Georgetown EA and to the others ED. As far as the others are concerned, I'd visit them and then decide. Try to figure out what you really want in a college experience, as all four of those schools are very different.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input. I have visited them all but I think an overnight at each would help. You can only app to 1 school ED and georgetown says that if you app there EA then you cant app anywhere else ED. So i have to pic one of these.</p>

Any sweet UVA stories that would make me want to come? I mean I am damn preppy so I sure as hell would fit in. haha</p>

<p>The schools are so vastly different...</p>

<p>Georgetown is urban and as such has a different social scene from the other three schools. It seems to have a focus on international studies.</p>

<p>Brown is liberal and has the open curriculum. </p>

<p>Duke is likely a bit more rigorous academically than UVA but is also a bit less social.</p>

<p>You really need to consider how you want to spend your next four year. UVA has been amazing since I've been here - really an excellent mix of social life and academics. If you want to hear fun UVA stories, IM me. I'd rather not post some of them ;) . Oh, and you're preppy, but you're from NJ? Lol. Does that mean you gel your hair up and shop at Hollister? Rofl.</p>

<p>Georgetown or Brown.</p>


<p>what are you talking about "georgetown has open ea, and the others are non-restrictive ed."</p>

<p>georgetown is SCEA, and by the very nature of ED you can only apply to 1 school ed. Most likely, his guidance department won't even let him attempt to apply to multiple schools ED.</p>

<p>regardless of that, if you don't know what school is really your first choice, jsut apply EA to georgetown and regular to the rest. Unless you're super applicant, you'll probably won't get into all of them, and then your decision might be a lot easier.</p>

<p>Ohhh, ok. I didn't realize that Georgetown had restrictive EA. I thought they were open, too.</p>

<p>if you don't like big schools with large classes, why would you want to come here? you do know there are 13,000 undergraduates here...? one of my classes is 300 people this semester and that's how it goes for most intro classes, so i don't know how much you would like the academics here if you're not in love with large classes. i mean, i love uva and i wouldn't have gone to a small school, but you should go where it's right for you.</p>

<p>hazelorb, at 13,000 undergraduates, UVA is more of a medium sized school. At the class size issue is all relative. Introductory classes are large at nearly every school - even Duke. I took several classes last year that were identical to what a friend was taking at Duke - and all but one of mine were smaller. Intro psychology, physics and chemistry classes are big everywhere. If you want small classes at UVA, you can get the, either by taking upper level courses or by taking seminars. Also, notably, there are no particularly large math or writing classes here. My calc 3 and probability sections are significantly smaller than those of the Duke friend.</p>

<p>I am used to smaller classes but some large ones are alright because I know they probably meet in recitation periods later in the week? no?
I like big schools in some was but I don't want to get lost. I think since UVA has a fairly contained campus and friendly student body (so I have heard and experienced so far) I would not feel overwhelmed even though it is a large school. Do you think that is right?</p>

<p>I am sik of seeing the same people I know every day at my school. I think it would be nice to go somewhere where I can meet somebody new every day for 4 years.</p>

<p>Still not really sure I guess</p>

<p>Small classes are unneccesary in many classes, but if you want them, you can get them.</p>

<p>Yeah well hopefully with some AP credit and no intention to major in science I can avoid many large intro to chem/psych/bio etc courses.</p>

<p>So uva remains on the list :)</p>

<p>By the way, Georgetown has restricted EA. If you apply EA to Georgetown, you can't apply ED anywhere.</p>

<p>mike, you sounds like you would love it here (UVa).</p>

<p>kids in UVa love to party hard AND work hard. except me, who doesn't like to work at all.</p>

<p>You'd better not stress how preppy you are in the application, I think we already have enough preppiness on Grounds.</p>

<p>Haha yeah, well I am preppy in looks but I'm not like... arrogant I guess. Idk, people tell me I am chill for whatever it's worth... probably nothing.</p>

<p>I'll make sure not to list all the colors of polos I have on the app :)</p>

<p>Also being legacy WILL help some right? My mom has given small amounts (300-1000) of money every year for the past 15-20 year to the school, so nothing huge. But she is a very distinguished historian if that helps... so does it?</p>


<p>lol, being a legacy helps tremendously. You'll be considered like an instate applicant.</p>

<p>is UVAs ED really non-binding?</p>


<p>Early decision is binding and early action is non-binding.</p>

<p>Some schools say Single-choice early action which means you can only choose one school to apply early action to but if you get in you don't have to attend unlike ED in which you have to attend (well unless there are finanacial reasons or a good excuse).</p>

<p>I personally would not consider UVA as a medium-sized school. It's pretty large, and one cannot use numbers alone to determine if it's "small", "medium" or "large".</p>

<p>well, if the smallest schools in the us have about 1000 undergrads, and the largest ahve about 30,000 undergrads then uva would be nicely in the middle at 13,000 undergrads. </p>

<p>of course its all relative - uva is pretty big, but small when compared to other flagship state schools.</p>