UVA (Rodman Scholarship) vs UCLA Computer Science (With a likely letter)?

I was invited to be a Rodman Scholar last evening (I applied early action). I applied with my intended major as CS in the School of Engineering early action and was accepted. A few days ago, I was also sent a likely letter from UCLA telling me a week in advance that I would be admitted to UCLA for my intended major (this email only went out to top applicants) and was admitted for Computer Science in the School of Engineering and Applies Sciences.

I’ve visited the rodman information website, but could someone highlight some of the most important aspects/advantages/disadvantages of being a Rodman scholar? This would be especially helpful if it came from some current/ex rodman scholars themselves. Secondly, could someone help me decide whether the UVA Rodman Scholarship program is definitely better than picking UCLA CS and/or vice-versa?

[Dana Elzey](http://www.virginia.edu/ms/people/faculty/elzey.html). The end.

Okay, I’m kidding, but Professor Elsey is probably one of the most wonderful professors in the School of Engineering here (hello, [Rodfest is at his house](http://www.seas.virginia.edu/students/rodmans/newsletters/Fall%202016.pdf)!) and he directs the Rodman Scholars program. His mentorship and guidance is a huge benefit, along with the others outlined on the website. I don’t think there are any disadvantages to being a Rodman Scholar. It’s a wonderful designation! Congrats!

As far as comparing the UVA and UCLA, I think that’s something best left to you. You can’t really make a bad decision here - both of these schools are pretty fabulous places. I would do some thinking about which school has the environment that makes you the most excited about learning.

Thank you for your quick response @“Dean J”. I think I’ll be accepting my spot at UVA by the end of this week! :slight_smile:

Aw, that’s fantastic! Keep in mind that you have time if you need to really think things out. Obviously, we’ll be so happy to have you join us. I’m excited for you to meet Dana. He’s amazing!

Hi Dean J,

As I move towards making my final decision, I just wanted to know if all Rodman Scholars are given a Rodman Scholarship or if only select students on the Rodman Scholars program are given the Rodman Scholarship.

This is a question for the Rodman program. Admission is not involved after you’re admitted, so I’m not aware of how the program spends its funding. Sorry!

There is no merit scholarship money awarded as part of the Rodman Scholars Program. It is an honors program that provides access to some special classes and residency in a first year dorm with Echols and College Science Scholars.

@410sailor I was actually awarded a Rodman Scholarship of $2,000/year yesterday in addition to a Rodman Scholars Program invite I received a few weeks ago.