UVA SEAS, worth the extra MONEY?

<p>Im an OOS fall transfer student trying to decide between the school of engineering at University of Virginia for biomedical engineering or the school of engineering at the University of Maryland for bioengineering. Going to UVA will cost about $10,000+ more per year than UMD. Based on credits, I will most likely have between two and two and a half years to go at either school (closer to two at UMD). This equates to an extra 20,000+ for UVA. Is it worth the extra money?</p>

<p>I have been talking with current UVA biomedical engineering students about the program at UVA. I love what I hear and what the program has to offer. </p>

<p>I appreciate any advice. I do plan on graduate or medical school but please do not factor this into the cost. Financially speaking, I will not receive any need based aid.</p>

<p>I’m an early action in-state student who will start as a first year this fall and I’m planning on biomedical engineering as well at UVa. I think you should definitely consider the fact that the program is very competitive and that you actually have to apply for the major after your first year. Personally, I don’t think it is worth the extra 10k per year since UMD is a perfectly good college. I think the positives for UVa is the fact that the program is probably a lot stronger than UMD’s program and that UVa is more “prestigious.”</p>

<p>@TheCavalier…you say that UVa’s program is “a lot stronger”, but not worth the extra $10K per year? What price would you put on “a lot stronger”?</p>

<p>I am committed to research as I have been at my current institution since my freshman year, and what attracts me still to UVA, even with its higher sticker price, is the strong focus on undergraduate biomedical engineering research at the school. I am not interested in UVA fraternities, and I am not factoring the socal environment or beautiful campus into my choice. I am devotedly interested in the programs UVA has to offer, fellow BME student experiences, and engineering organizations compared to bioengineering program at UMD. </p>

<p>Does anyone has any info on mid-year sophomores coming in trying to get into biomedical engineering? I talked to the executive coordinator of the department, gave her a few facts, and she says I am competitive and that the BME class size has grown each year.</p>

<p>If you attend UMD will you be eligible for their honors program? The honors program seems to stress research:</p>

<p>Undergraduate Program: BIOE Honors Program</p>

<p>The Fischell Department of Bioengineering Undergraduate Honors Program is a research-oriented, thesis-based enrichment experience that serves to augment our curriculum with practical, hands-on learning opportunities. The primary goal of our Honors program is to develop BIOE graduates who will be among the most competitive applicants for graduate and medical school programs, and industry jobs. Toward this end, the program provides exceptional undergraduate students with a formal mechanism to be recognized for research achievements. In addition, Honors students gain broader perspectives in research, leadership, and the bioengineering field through the BIOE Honors seminar.</p>

<p>They’re both state schools, strong schools, I’m not sure what UVA could possibly offer for 2 years that would cost 20k…</p>

<p>If your family can cover the cost difference by waiting another year to buy a new Lexus, then go to UVa. If you would need high interest rate loans to pay the difference, I’d pick UMd.</p>

<p>Actually some of us have to sell the car to pay the difference… :)</p>

<p>What is promising about UMD is the honors program, and students do not apply for the honors program until the end of their sophomore/ beginning of junior year. This is an advantage because I fall in line with these dates. I would definitely apply for the honors BIOE program if I enrolled at UVa.</p>

<p>To let you know, I would pay the difference myself to my parents (no interest rates thankfully). </p>

<p>What I like so much about UVa is how interconnected their BME program is with their school of medicine. Is this not an ideal program for BME’s interested in Medical School compared to other BME/BIOE programs?</p>

<p>Objectively, there’s probably not much reason to spend $20,000+ to go to UVA over UMD. But, it seems as if you are looking for an excuse to justify your preference for UVA? If you really like UVA and are willing to pay an extra 20k to go there then you should go.</p>

<p>No contest UMD. UVA is not worth the extra money unless money is a non-issue. You will have equal opportunity coming out of both schools assuming your GPA and ECs are where they need to be.</p>

<p>The thing to remember about UVA’s biomedical Engineering is that, unlike all their other engineering programs except Systems, there is a cap on the number of students. Not trying to pitch one way or the other, but I visited UVA on Wednesday and the facilities are excellent and the grounds are beautiful. Can’t speak to UMD.</p>