UVA Transfer Fall 2020 Chances

Hello, I’m currently a NOVA CC student and would like to transfer to UVA after my first year.
My info/stats are:
Major: Economics
Second choice major: Commerce or Politics - Public Policy (not sure)
HS GPA - 4.3
College GPA - 3.8
Credits - 36 after this semester (not including AP’s)
Extracurriculars - A good amount with leadership positions in a couple
SAT - Not submitting one
Race/ethnicity - Half European/half Cuban so White/Hispanic
Essay - Fairly strong
I also have a good amount of the Economics/Commerce pre-reqs done but I haven’t taken any foreign language classes although I should test out… I took 5 years of Spanish in high school and have a Hispanic background.

I’m worried because I didn’t get in last year and UVA has always been a dream school of mine. I’m not really considering the GAA and don’t want to stay at NOVA another year. My other options are Clemson, VT, William & Mary, and George Mason. Please let me know what you guys think my chances are. It’s nerve-wracking because I’ll see one statistic and think I have a good chance of getting in, then I’ll see another thing and think I’m a longshot.

I’m not an expert, but I would say that there’s a fairly good chance. My RA was a CC transfer from NOVA as well.

Update: Ended up getting accepted, good luck to others trying to transfer in the future.