UVA transfer student

I am a student coming from Skidmore college, with a 4.0 gpa for my first 3 semesters of college. However, I have a 3.0 from high school. My ACT score is a 31. I participated in a number of ec in both high school and college. What are my chances to get admitted?

Overall, you sound like a strong applicant. Your high school stats aren’t that bad for a transfer. Your high school gpa is low for a first year UVA student, but your act is within their average act scores. Your college gpa couldn’t be better, so that is bound to help your application. Some colleges in UVA are more competitive to get into, but overall they expect an A/B average and strong supplementals. It is very important that your courses from Skidmore will transfer for the most part. Check the UVA transfer credits matrix. The right courses are just as important as a high gpa.

p.s. I applied to UVA as a transfer as well. I hope you are accepted. Best of luck!

Hey, I am in the same boat you were in. Did you end up getting into UVA?

Thanks for sharing! Did you get in? I recently applied to UVA with the same stats and am nervous.