UVa vs Babson(full scholarship)

<p>So i got into Babson with a full scholarship and also UVa, what is you opinion, babson or uva as pre-comm?</p>

<p>The schools are so dramatically different that it's hard to put them side-by-side. I'm assuming money isn't a factor since you're asking in the first place. If in the end, you have an offer from UVa in one hand and a scholarship from Babson in the other, make overnight visits to both and decide which environment is better for you. On paper, you'd have two excellent options and it would be very hard to make a "bad" decision. It will come down to your gut feeling...where you feel happy, you'll learn and be engaged.</p>

<p>I have visited both schools, i absolutely love UVa, especially for its intellectual environment. I was also pleased with babson, but questioned how far I could grow, it is a very small school after-all, but I could see myself being happy there. Overall, my main concern is whether UVa, or mcintire for that matter is worth about 160k (40k x 4yrs) more...comments? </p>

<p>btw i am oos for Uva so Uva will be almost as expensive as a private school - while cost is not a real concern, 160k is money out of family wealth that i wouldn't mind keeping.</p>

<p>You already got into UVa?</p>

There must be an early-early action program for applicants who still have "family wealth" :)</p>

<p>I got into UVa and babson for the fall this year, i am already enrolled in a college, however I would like to know what other people's comments are about babson vs UVa.</p>

<p>Mollymauk: I did not mean to sound snobby, but simply would wanted to make note that I would like an opinion on this issue without considering finance as a restraint to going to UVa.</p>

<p>I was also wondering the same thing - how I missed that admissions page that allowed some to be notified early?</p>

<p>You didn't sound snobby. You're looking at business and calculating cost. There must be something very impressive about you to be in this position. Best of luck to you wherever you choose.</p>

<p>I also did not think you sounded snobby. I was kidding and only wishing that I could know today if I got in.</p>