UVA Waitlist - Class of 2023

It’s not over yet!

I’ve been looking at numbers over coffee this morning.

According to the waitlist info page (https://admission.virginia.edu/waitlist), UVA made about 9700 offers this year.

Last year it was 9849, and the year before it was 9957. So, fewer offers have been made despite the increase in applicants (from 36k to 37k to 40k this year).

I am hoping that means a greater chance of good news for those waitlisted.

Last year, they only took 13 students off the waitlist due to a surprisingly high yield. (The year before was 117, and 360 before that.)

It looks to me that because they cut it so close last year (and had 4 out of 5 schools full by May 14), they made fewer offers this year.

If the yield is high again, then they won’t need the waitlist too much. But if it’s not, they might end up taking more off the waitlist than they did last year. Which would be awesome, because taking only 13 is not ideal for those still hoping to attend.

In case anyone is wondering, 9700 out of 40,000 is an acceptance rate of 24% as of right now. (was 26% last year and 27% the year before)

Fingers crossed for everyone!

Anybody out there looking seriously at the offer to attend first year at UVA-Wise with a guaranteed admission to UVA (if GPA at 3.0 and completion of 30 credit hours) ?

I’ve actually been thinking about it, but doesn’t seem to be a very good school and is very much in the middle of nowhere so I am not sure what I want to do

That’s what I was looking at too…it also seems to be a very small school, but maybe that would just mean a more personalized education for the first year?

Hey waitlist people, be PROUD of your accomplishment! Data was just posted:


This year only 13% of applicants were offered a waitlist spot, down from almost 29% last year.

Good luck!

@88curious @bscalia #UVaWise is actually an excellent school. Is it small? Yes. Is the Town of Wise small? Yes. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a freshman. The classes are much less overcrowded, but the professors have very high standards and the academic rigor is there. The education is top notch. If a year in Wise got you a ticket into Charlottesville and that’s your dream school, why not take it? (UVa-Wise class of '90 here)

Is the UVA Wise option only available to Virginia Residents?

Hey UVaWiseGuy- thanks so much for the info! We were down there last weekend for open house- impressed with the friendly students, administrators and the whole vibe. also a great opportunity to take advantage of some beautiful outdoor life activities.

@vamom4- your encouragement is so appreciated. You echoed my thoughts exactly- These kids have worked really hard and they SHOULD be really proud of their accomplishments.

My daughter is very seriously considering this path and would love to connect with others who might be, as well.

Best wishes to all!

yes, it is for VA residents.

@88curious - Did you attend open house in Wise campus? which major you are considering? Have you inquired about the professors and quality of teaching in UVA-Wise?

hey guys. i was just wondering the ones that got waitlisted, did you write a letter of continued interest to the admissions office? if yes then what did you write about and where did you send it. many thanks!

Hi- My daughter is undecided right now. We did attend the open house and were impressed with most of the students we met. They were intelligent, hardworking and friendly. They were also ambitious. All of the students are veryfond of their professors and had good things to say. It is clear that the administration and the students have a good relationship and there are no formalities between them.

Hi all- my daughter and I just created a closed FB page for students on the waitlist who are strongly considering the Wise option. We would love to connect with you! Please find us at: UVA Wise? UVA CLAS23 on FB.
@bscalia, @DSOF20192023

@88curious thank you. what is the name of the group?

UVA Wise? UVA CLAS23 is the name of the group.

We are going for the UVA-Wise deferred enrollment deal.

Guaranteed admission for your sophomore year at the #25 school in the nation and the kid’s #1 college choice by far. Sure, that first year in Wise, VA may be a little strange (and remote) but it’s also a money saver over Charlottesville (already #3 Best Value School in the nation). These deferred admission deals are popping up all over the place - Michigan State, Boston University, Cornell - lots of big schools are offering alternative routes to expand their undergraduate population. At the end of the day, it’s only 8 months out of your life in Appalachia for an incredible reward that will resonate with peers and POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS for the rest of your life. That’s the part that counts.

A final thought… we know too many kids with average grades but great family connections that landed an admission in Charlottesville for Fall 2019 versus the 1450 SAT/4.5 GPA kids that got lost in the shuffle (some didn’t even make the waitlist). Don’t turn your nose up at the allegation - we have a handful of specific, Class of 2023 stories on both sides of that coin. We feel like this option is a backdoor for regular people to counter some of the entitled folks who were able to leverage work/family connections to land a spot in the fall. Your route to admission will be a forgotten sting by the Fall 2020, but the diploma you receive in 2023 will read exactly the same as everyone else’s. It’s a no-brainer for our house.

@88curious Great idea! Do we need an invitation to find/join your FB page?

@LegacyMeansNada Good luck to your student! Not all UVA programs have this Wise option, so it’s nice to have the choice!

If your student has AP class credits already (let’s say 9/from three classes), and then take a couple classes at the community college in the summer (let’s say 6 credits/two classes), I wonder if they would even be able to move to UVA by January, after taking 15 credits at Wise in the fall? If only 30 credits are needed to transfer, it seems like it would be possible and something to ask about.

@vamom4 Looks like we need to do 30 hours in UVA-Wise, means one year there.


“After you complete 30 hours of transferrable credit with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better, you will be automatically transferred to UVA in Charlottesville to complete your degree in the College of Arts and Sciences”

@LegacyMeansNada UVA is a wonderful place. My son was an OOS applicant with stats you listed and was WL. IS applicant pool is a bit different but it was definitely rough out there and I’m sure you know personal stories to back up your allegations. I am an alum and my daughter attends, so we were certainly disappointed that S19 was not accepted. He is on the WL, but has put a deposit down at a fine school that offered him merit money (lower COA than UVA would be for us OOS). Not sure if UVA will even have WL spots this year anyway.

Best of luck to your child. You are right, so many schools have other options for starting in January or second year. It is a great option for IS students.