UVA Waitlist

Starting a thread for those waitlisted. Has anyone heard back at all? Good luck!

We haven’t heard anything yet. Best of luck to you too!

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If/when we are able to make offers to people on the waiting list, I will post about it on my social media accounts. @UVADeanJ on twitter and instagram. You probably already know how to find the blog. :slight_smile:


UPDATE Dean J!! I just got off of the waitlist this morning for Kineiology! Thank you for all of your help throughout the process!


Any more news on waitlist?

see dean j. today…not good news.


still on UVA waitlist. did they already let kids know? does that mean i wasn’t looked at?


What does that even mean? I checked her Instagram and website to find nothing

It means don’t expect much if any movement. I wonder if arts and sciences is over enrolled? They took a few for education and kinesiology.

No art and sciences?

I don’t think so.

How about engineering school?

Hey there, I’ve been saying we would not see much waiting list movement during my weekly live q&a session every Thursday since April 29th. I’ve also posted on several forums and there’s a post on the blog.

Any movements on arts and sciences?

I just read Dean J"s blog and the comments. She did say a couple of people had been let in for the College off the waitlist and for kinesiology. It sounds like there may very well be zero movement in the future, but the waitlist is still open. This may be another year like two years ago when they took eight people off the waitlist.

Any news about engineering? any movement at all?

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On the waitlist for architecture. Fingers crossed sigh. Good luck everyone.

Hello all, I also have been wondering if there’s been any other movement as well since the last post mentioning a few offers.