UVM Class of 2024

Hi everyone, I didn’t see a thread for this yet. Who else is planning on attending UVM? I recently visited campus and fell in love (I was originally gonna apply ED to a school but not after UVM).

Applied EA!

My DS applied EA. Hope they release decisions before dec.

@arliegirl according to the portal, decisions are coming out on December 12

How did your portal link come through? My daughter’s application is complete, but she never got notification on how to access the portal.

My son applied EA for nursing.

My son applied for Biology OOS from CA. We visited the campus over spring break and it was the only school in New England he liked :slight_smile:

Shortly after applying he received email with the subject “John, your application has been received”. This email had the portal instructions.

Thanks - I guess she needs to actually READ the whole email. Portal is set up.

I applied EA for Molecular Genetics. Only 13 days left!

Does anyone know if their merit money offer comes along with an acceptance, or do they let you know that later?

@lovedis- they send the merit scholarship award info and an honors college invitation along with the acceptance if a student qualifies! :slight_smile:

we’re one week away!! I’m so nervous

i applied rd!! :)))

I applied EA to the College of Arts and Science!

I applied EA for Russian & Eastern European Studies!

AAH I’M SO SCARED!!! I just want thursday to come already!! Anyone know what time of day decisions are supposed to come out?

Does anyone know if merit comes out with acceptances?

@catishere they posted a countdown on instagram the other day saying they come out at 5pm EST!! I’m so scared

Applied EA for Women’s Studies. So excited! UVM is probably my top choice!

I applied EA for Biochemistry in the CAS. I can’t believe that we will know tomorrow! I wish the best of luck to everyone