UW Madison Class of 2025 Regular Decision

i dont think it means anything

Does it mean anything if I am able to see courses available like music, engineering, etc. when i go into Course Search & Enroll on MyUW, and add them to my plan/list or does everyone else have it too? I’m deferred btw.

And they are saying the admit rate will be below 30%, which is staggering considering Wisc is usually around 50%. This puts Wisc admission closer to Michigan and even Notre Dame…:exploding_head:. Oh well.

Where did you see this?

It’s the same article Wormwad cited from. If you Google News search “Wisconsin admissions” it will be one of the first news articles. And my apologies, I went back and read the article again. The “below 30%” was talking about YIELD - which is different than admissions rate. So sorry if anyone panicked there. I know I did when I first read it!!


lol… I wouldn’t say I panicked but I wasn’t exactly enthused, thanks for correcting your mistake

I was just looking at the last four or five Common Data Sets (CDSs) available for UW-Madison. It looks like they did not utilize a waiting list in those years, but I saw that there was a UW-Madison waiting list thread for last year.

I could go look through all the other CDSs from prior years, but I just wondered if anyone happened to know: Was last year the first time they used a waiting list, or have they used it before, but just not recently?

In my UW Application Status page, “No transfer credit evaluations to display.” just appeared under Fall 2021-2022 Application. Does anyone else see this?

Yes I see it too. Any idea what it means?

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No idea. It also basically lets me sign up for classes under the course search and enroll. Are you able to do this as well?


When did it appear?

I know a lot of people who have actually gotten off the waitlist from Wisconsin in previous years and also recently so I think they’ve always been accepting off the waitlist there is just no data put in for those years:)

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I think today or pretty recently.

Is this a good sign?

where exactly is this?

It’s underneath “Fall 2020-2021 Application”

Any chance some decisions will be released today? Or all on April 2nd?

Pretty sure it’s all the evening of April 2nd. I wish it was today though. Good luck!

So what time do they normally release the decision?