UW Madison Class of 2025 Regular Decision

Hi, this is a forum for the class of 2021 applying to UW Madison regular decision. Hopefully, we hear soon but if you hear please say so:)


Deferred EA Applicants will hear back April 2nd so I imagine that is when RD will come out as well.

you mean the graduating seniors?

yeah normally in forums they name it the year we will graduate from colleges that’s why i named it 2025 and said class of 2021 seniors in high school

Do we think UW’s acceptance rate will go down due to that massive app increase? I am scared lol…

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Does anyone know how many applications Wisconsin received?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison received a record 53,800 freshmen applications this year, with increases among in-state, domestic and international students.

The number marks a 17% jump from 45,941 applications last year.

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Think about this fact …

Campus capacity - dorm rooms, class size, professors, etc hasn’t grown 17%. The school can’t accept that many new freshman … they almost struggle every year to have rooms for the amount they accept.

Has to be a tough year for many schools with these increases to know their yield as many seniors applied more places as test optional yet they have to be careful at the same time

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How difficult is it to get into UW’s business school directly? And how does it compare to some other business schools out there, like IU and such…

How much percentage of the class is admitted via EA? Is there still a chance for getting admissions into competitive majors like Computer Science via RD? Also when are the results coming out for Wisconsin?

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They said April 2 at 8pmish. Who knows if they will stick to it


Does anyone else have a “no evaluations to display” tab under your application status? Just popped up for me today.

I just had it pop up for me too


Think it means anything?

Mine also says that, and the initial screen seems to have a deeper red banner than before, but that might just be me reading too much into it lol

Mine now says “no transfer credit evaluations to display”

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same. does it indicate anything?