UW Madison Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

PA was def not in first wave

Around what time do decisions typically come out?

Someone earlier said 9 pm central time last year

I don’t think it means anything is imminent. Just something new from the admissions team. The “see what we did there” was the only thing that gave be pause just because I did not understand why it was included.

Based on my experience two years ago, it seems like the decisions came out in the early evening. Maybe around 7 CST? Definitely after 5 CST.

What does “see what we did there” even mean?

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Seriously?! When I originally posted I was unaware that the acceptance was not part of the general pool and actually thought it would be a steady stream. I was merely posting as hundreds of people do daily here when they find out. Now it would appear that they notified recruited athletes as part of an initial group. I do not need to prove anything to anyone and am a little offended by the accusation to be honest. I wish you the best of luck with your decision when it arrives and in the event you get accepted I won’t be asking for proof, I will just do the appropriate thing and congratulate you.


Interesting. I took “where’s the proof of acceptance “ to mean “where do I look to see if I have an acceptance?”, as in, where is it on the portal


Maybe I misread but it was an odd way to phrase it if that was the intended question and if it was I will absolutely apologize for my mistake. “proof of acceptance” is just not something you ask if you are trying to determine where to find your own admissions decision.


I phrased the question wrong. I was trying to say where do I see proof of my acceptance.

sorry for the miscommunication. admissions sent an email with the title “UW-Madison Application Decision Available Online”. the body of the email explained how to retrieve the decision via the portal. When accessing the portal, there was a notification in the Notification Center. on opening the tab, there was a link to an acceptance letter. HTH

any chance decisions are released tonight or this weekend?


i hope so, but probably not tbh


Realizing that this is more reading of the portal tea-leaves, but my DD has FAFSA info in her portal. Not sure if it has always been there or not??

Yes, FAFSA has been in my portal for a couple of weeks now.

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We can’t get into the portal this morning. Anyone else?

nevermind. Tried it again about a half hour later and got in. Really odd though, didn’t let us in several tries in a row. Gave an error message that I’ve never seen.

any possibility for a decision release today? idk if they have ever released on a sunday…

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I’d be shocked if they started to broadly release before Jan. 21, and it’s more likely gonna be Jan. 28. If anything, the Whisky admissions office tends to drag, not be early the last few years.