UW Madison Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

University of Wisconsin-Madison offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at UW Madison is November 1.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by January 31. For more information visit the University of Wisconsin-Madison page on College Confidential.

See updates and discuss results with other UW Madison applicants.

Are you planning to apply early to University of Wisconsin-Madison? Why UW Madison? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

To discuss other UW Madison topics visit the university-of-wisconsin-madison tag on CC Forums.

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Are people submitting test scores for EA? What is minimum composite you think will help your case?

Can someone give me an Idea of my chance of admission
1340 SAT - 680 Math, 660 Reading
3.62 UWGPA and a 4.67 WGPA
Dont have Class Rank
6 APs, 2 Dual Credit College Courses, rest are honors with a few accelerated
Hockey for 12 Years, 2x State Champions, Captain for 3 Years
Golf team, 1 year
Work during School Year and Summer for 1 year, 12 hours per week
Volunteering for 3 years, 3 hours per week, 30 weeks at one organization. 1 year, 3 hours per week 30 weeks at another organization. Applying EA, Have a sister who attends UW Madison. Applying DA to the Wisconsin School of Business, L&S is my 2nd choice.
Decent Essays, (my opinion), Great Letter of Rec

How should we refer to UW Madison in the essays? Is it UW or UW-Madison or WisMad?

4.67 weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale, didn’t know this was possible
My community service is over 150 total hours of this helps

My D applied today!

In state, 4.0 GPA, test optional, loads of EC’s

Excited to start hearing back from some of the “rolling admissions” schools. Will need to wait a bit for Madison.

Best of luck to everyone! :crossed_fingers:

Daughter applied to my father’s alma mater as a CS major. Now we wait.

To the above:

I’d send a score of ~1350 or higher, about the midpoint of the 20-21 CDS.

I’d use “UW-Madison (UW)” the first time, then “UW” thereafter. Not WisMad.

Anyone know if “on or before January 31” means not until 2022, or do some results come out much earlier?

The only shorthand I see on the admissions website is UW-Madison.

My S22 just applied for fall admission and I see that he’ll hear back “on or before January 31.”

From last year’s thread, many received decisions on December 15 acceptances or deferrals. A big decision drop occurred the night of January 31 and again many accepted and deferred. They asked for mid-year grades from the deferred applicants. On April 2, deferrals were waitlisted and rejected.

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This is good information. I agree, I remember several HS seniors who heard mid-December last year.

My daughter applied EA last year. It was a stressful wait. The notifications started coming out mid December ( California, NY) but we did not get our notification ( accepted) until Jan 31st, around 9 pm! It was a bit maddening and I spent a lot of time reading these forums to try and predict when notifications would be released and never did. We are OOS, North Carolina.

My advice for what it is worth is to plan on hearing end of January and be pleasantly surprised if you hear earlier then that!

Good luck! UW-Madison is just amazing!


Anybody have an idea what the numbers of EA applications look like this year ?


Hello. My son was admitted last year on December 12. Good luck!

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Definitely refer to UW Madison as UW Madison or Madison, not UW or WisMad.
I live in Wisconsin and UW refers to the entire UW System and all of the campuses (Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Whitewater, etc.)
People say, “My son is applying to Madison.” or “My daughter’s first choice is UW Madison.”
No one would say say, “My son is applying to UW”, etc.
Good luck!


It seemed really good applicants were admitted in December and others were asked for mid-year updates and received decisions on January 31.

They also release via region. Given the expected increase in applications this year, I would not expect to hear anything before the end of December. Hope I am wrong.

Yes, I would agree with that, especially if in-state. It also seemed last year as if some very strong applicants heard in the evening coinciding with early decision dates for the Ivy’s.

Not too much longer to wait for that first batch! Fingers crossed for everyone. It feels like we applied so long ago!

when does the first batch come out? and is it based on anything like region or applicant strength?

According to last year’s CC EA thread, a batch of decisions for applicants in WI, MN, NY, NJ, CA, and FL were available online on 12/15/20. Then everyone else heard late on the night of 1/31/21.

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New email just came out saying we will not get responses until later on. No middle of december decisions

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