UW Madison vs UIUC

I’m currently trying to decide between University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I’ve visited both of the campuses this past summer for both schools.
I’m planning to major in Biology or Economics on the pre med track. Any input would be great.

Note: My parents make too much money so I basically got no financial aid, but fortunately money is not a problem.

UW Madison:
Financial Aid: 56k (total cost of attendance). I’m out of state
Pros: The campus is totally gorgeous and it’s near a city (Madison). I was also accepted into the CAE (Center for Academic Excellence) program. Seems okay, but I’m on the fence about it.
Cons: Really far away from DC, MD, VA area. It’s also not a very diverse school.

Financial Aid: 55k (total cost of attendance). Also out of state
Pros: The campus is pretty, and UIUC is way more diverse than Madison. I’m Hispanic btw
Cons: Also super far away. It’s a state school so there’s a huge campus, but it’s basically in the middle of nowhere. I feel like there’s more opportunities at UW Madison because it’s in a city.

I’m leaning towards UW Madison but please let me know what you think!!

Madison but find a local orthodontist and save that money…

Why not your in state public school and save the money for medical school?

Madison. Might not be diverse but quite liberal and more accepting of all persons.

Madison.better general environment and overall academic excellence.

I live in Washington DC it’s not a state so there is no state school.

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Am a DC native who went to Wisconsin.

Never looked back, it is a fabulous place.

Madison. Been 21 years since I graduated (and my UW degree took me to an ivy league law school) but it’s night and day from Champaign. You’ll never regret your choice.

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Have your folks move to Nova or Bethesda and pick btw UMD or UVA?