UW Madison Waitlist Class of 2024

hi! just wanted to start a thread for those who were waitlisted

applied ea got deferred and now waitlisted T___T

My son (OOS) applied EA, got deferred and now waitlisted. Did anybody who was deferred got accepted?

I was accepted after being deferred.

My son was accepted last night after being deferred. We were not expecting this. He didn’t send in any midterm grades and has already enrolled in another school.

In State btw

Son (OOS - NY) was deferred EA and now waitlisted. He was admitted to another college, but likely to accept the waitlist offer and hope to get into UW-Madison. We’ve been looking at various threads, and it is very difficult to figure out a pattern of who’s accepted and who’s not. We’re not sure what ‘unranked order’ means, and we’re getting conflicting advice on whether new information will be considered for the waitlisted candidates.

My daughter (OOS-VA) was waitlisted. We were very surprised by this and she was super disappointed. I didn’t realize being an out of state student with a 4.0 GPA unweighted, with a rigorous course load with AP classes all throughout high school would waitlist her. Guess we didn’t realize it would be so hard to get into :frowning: She got into Penn States Engineering Program but not UW Madison where she marked undecided as her major. Since being accepted to Penn State she now doesn’t want to go there at all. UW Madison is her first choice. Do any of you know if we have to wait till the end of July, like the letter states, to find out or will they start letting some students know starting after May 1 st? I really hope we don’t have to wait to the end of July to find out one way or another.

@countrygirl79 - what a coincidence. My son also got into Penn State CoE (for Computer Science) in EA, but now waitlisted for Madison. Madison is also his first choice, and not keen on PSU. My wife’s company is in Milwaukee, and we are likley to move back there anyway, making PSU even less of a target for him. Reading last year’s threads, seems the waitlists will be released as they go, rather than in one chunk. What I don’t know is what order they consider the waitlisted candidates… the words “unranked order” confused me.

@countrygirl79 - I was reading through the class of 2023’s waitlist thread last night and a few people who got accepted from it heard back in April, while the majority heard back after May 1st. if you don’t receive any news by July 31st then you’re just not offered admission.

My son was also accepted to Penn State COE and was waitlisted at Wisconsin. He also is OOS and has a 4.0 UW GPA and 1540 SAT. He was hoping to get into CS at Wisconsin. This is his 3rd Waitlist, so far, with 2 more possibilities coming this week. These waitlists are terrible, because even if you get pulled off of one, you don’t know whether you might get pulled from another one, and they don’t give you very much time to decide. Could be a rough after May 1st for my son.

Applied EA got deferred, now waitlisted as well

did anyone from regular descion get rejected? or was it just waitlist and acceptance?

FWIW, in an email response, the admission people told my son that their waitlist is random, and taking SAT again (or other similar factors) will not change his chances. So, we imagine as they get declines (from accepted students), they will draw names form the waitlist hat to fill their pipeline.

If that’s true, can I please have our lottery numbers so we can watch the balls drop on TV and hope my number comes up?

same here. applied early, deferred, then waitlisted ;/
remaining hopeful i guess, i should send an email or something right

@NY2Wisc and @HokieCrazy , wow that is a coincidence! Penn State Engineering program is hard to get into so that is why this is so crazy to me that my daughter and your student’s were waitlisted at UW-Madison. The college application process is so unpredictable!

Wait-listed for Chemical Engineering. Admitted to RPI and UIUC and wait-listed at CMU too. Start to realize that not hiring a college counselor for essays could be a part? The letter from UW comes across stern and cold. 17% acceptance from waitlist sounds much more hopeful than many - does not sound like a lottery.
UW is much tougher than expected.

i got waitlisted at madison, it has always been my dream school and getting waitlisted kinda crushed me. i got accepted at ohio state, minnesota, bgsu, and uvic (in canada). i accepted the waitlist spot but i don’t know if i’ll even get in. uw tends to favour residents

I was deferred EA and waitlisted RD, Wisconsin is my first choice. Keeping my fingers crossed!