<p>:) just got home from the first part of my vacation! five days in NYC. the weather, for the most part, was wonderful. it rained a few times, but mostly was sunny. it was a bit windy and chilly at times, but it was perfect overall. i went to the movies (saw team america), rented some movies (super size me and envy), went to the native american art museum, went to central park, ate at a vietnamese resteraunt uptown, went to battery park and the statue of liberty, went to the empire state building, as well as did some shopping down in soho. all in all it was a great break from school!! </p>

<p>now i have two days here (lucky me a full day of classes 8am-9pm wednesday and then two tests and a presentation thursday)</p>

<p>and then i head off to Penn State on friday-saturday-sunday for the second part of my "vacation" plan to visit friends from home and from work, as well as see a football game (vs. iowa). it's their homecoming game so it should be exciting.</p>

<p>anyone else go anyplace interesting lately?</p>