Vaccine not approved by college

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Recently, I received an email from my university (Wake Forest University) requiring the vaccine. However, living overseas I received the SinoPharm vaccine which is not FDA approved nor on the emergency authorized use list. And, therefore, not recognized by the university. I am not sure about research which says you can have more than one vaccine. Thus, I sent an email to the university but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

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Not a doctor, but I am in a Covid-19 vaccine trial and when I was enrolling they told us that if another vaccine was approved before the outcome of the one in the trial was known/approved, to go ahead and get the approved one.

Since then I have found out that I got the active vaccine (not the placebo), but it was more than 6 months ago and the requirement at my destination is that the vaccine had to have been within the last 6 months. I called the trial people who said there was no problem getting a 2nd vaccine; I asked if it mattered which vaccine and they said no.

But again, I’m not a doctor- which is who you should ask (more than the school).

Frankly, given the stats on the SinoPharm vax I’m guessing you’ll be as happy to get another.


Where did you see that it wasn’t recognized? I haven’t seen anything vaccine specific in the emails.

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the email mentioned one “should provide documentation of an FDA-authorized (Emergency Use or fully licensed)” and the Sinopharm vaccination upon googling is neither

I found it, thanks. Let us know how it works out. I’ll see if anyone posted in the Parents Group.

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I would contact the college’s Health Office ASAP.

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Tell student health that you will get first dose of an approved vaccine immediately upon arrival in the US. And then do it.


I see they have started testing mixing vaccines and using an mRNA vaccine for those who have taken the SinoPharm.

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I am very curious what the university will say.

I have noticed that the vaccines that are approved where I live (in the US) are not the same as the ones that are approved where my colleagues live in other countries. I do not see how an international student is going to get anything other than the vaccines that are approved and available in their own country, at least until they arrive in the US.


Some colleges that require students to be vaccinated have indicated that if they have not had an approved vaccine at time of arrival they will be vaccinated upon arrival at the college.


Hi all, I have copy pasted here the response the uni sent me

“Thank you for reaching out. I know that many international students will be in a similar situation. At this time, I don’t have all the details yet, but please know that our COVID leadership and planning teams are working on it and will communicate these details with our international students.”

Sounds like this would be a problem for many. The Pfizer vaccine has become available for me as of a couple days ago. But I am unsure how long I would have to wait before getting vaccinated again (after getting the second dose of Sinopharm in February)

Even if mixing of different COVID vaccines may prove to be fine, it’s probably not a good idea to get a third shot of any COVID vaccine so soon. It’s likely there will be mutual recognition by countries of each other’s vaccines if people are allowed to travel by fall. Most of the rest of the world are vaccinated by vaccines, including the Chinese vaccines and the AstraZeneca vaccine that aren’t yet authorized/approved by FDA.

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Don’t get another vaccine yet unless your doctor says it’s ok.

You will certainly be able to get vaccinated upon arrival at WFU, if at that point they still don’t recognize the sinopharm vaccine (I expect they never will). The other possible weak point is if US starts requiring vaccinations to enter the country (don’t know if this will happen, just keep on top of it).

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Definitely discuss with your doctor before taking the Pfizer shot.

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I don’t know if this is new, but the Wake Forest website explicitly addresses this here: COVID-19 Update: Intent to Require Vaccination (Class of 2025) - Our Way Forward

The University will assist students needing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if they have been unable to obtain the vaccine in their home states or are an international student who may have received a vaccine not authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Wake Forest will review requests for medical and religious exemptions, as we do for other required vaccinations; however, exemptions will not apply to students studying abroad on Wake Forest-sponsored programs and Affiliate programs.

So there’s your answer - they will assist you in getting an FDA-authorized vaccine.

I imagine that this is something they’re going to be working to address over the next couple of weeks, so you may have to sit tight a bit until they have figured out the particulars.

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Thank you so much this does appear to be a new (but very helpful) addition to their website