Vaccine reluctance & General COVID Discussion

Two things I consider when determining whether or not to wear a mask is proximity and potential length of exposure. I’m not as concerned about wearing a mask in a grocery store because on the whole I’m not very close to most of the people and even if I am my exposure would be very short. Church or large gatherings are different. I’m spending an hour or more in a room in close proximity and a long exposure. If I happened to be next to someone who has Covid (whether they know or not) my chance of contracting Covid goes up considerably. The same goes the other way. If I happen to have asymptomatic Covid the other person is exposed. I don’t think that a mask under those conditions would make much difference.

D & SIL traveled this past weekend to be in a wedding. D became symptomatic on Wednesday morning with just some congestion and a mild cough. SIL became symptomatic last night and apparently feels absolutely terrible. He has a fever and “the worst headache” he has ever had.

D was vaxxed x 2 and boosted x 1. SIL was vaxxed x 2, no booster.

I’m hoping this is the worst of it for both of them and that they recover quickly. I mentioned to D that they might check out Paxlovid and see if they are eligible and she said they would “take it into consideration.”

I informed DH that we will be wearing masks as we fly to Madison for his HS reunion this weekend. I don’t have much hope that we will able to avoid getting infected, though.


I’m not sure what the latest research says about how much virus you are hit with and how that impacts severity of infection, but it couldn’t hurt to be prepared with one of the nasal sprays recommended here, or perhaps a nasal rinsing system or saline spray, and a good gargle, to rinse out what you can if you are exposed in the hope to limit severity. There are other viruses going around now as well, so for those possible exposures, too, it couldn’t hurt.


I agree. We have sadly decided that most people can’t be bothered to think of others and therefore all the burden is on us to keep ourselves healthy. Having just had a bout of COVID, we are still masking until out of the CDC recommended time frame, but you’d be surprised at the tradespeople etc who have come to the house and assured us they don’d care if we mask etc. (Talk to me when you have a 102 fever and wicked sore throat!)


While you are hearing plenty of stories of people flying/traveling and getting COVID there are also plenty of people flying/traveling and NOT getting Covid.

Now traveling + a class reunion (inside or outside), will take a lot of precaution!

Masking in the airport and on the plane is just a simple thing to do to try and avoid it.


Generally, if there is one contagious person, one exposed person, and one mask, having the mask on the contagious person is somewhat more likely to stop transmission than having the mask on the exposed person.

Of course, going outdoors is probably about as effective as using the best masks.

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The young guy sitting next to us on the plane is wearing a mask, too.


I am in a study that shows my antibody level is very high, from vaccine. I am less nervous about getting COVID but still mask and avoid indoor socializing, because my 95 year old mother is on hospice and getting COVID would mean not being with her (facility rules). I am her main caregiver.

And so it begins. Younger S went to a friend’s beach condo over the weekend. Friend turned up positive this morning. Younger S is still at his internship. This is his last week and was supposed to come home Saturday. He said he feels fine except sleep deprived and didn’t sleep well last night. Uh oh… Hopefully, he won’t get too sick, but next Monday-Tuesday he is supposed to have an eye doctor/dentist appointment. He will only be home for 4 days until Xmas, so no way to reschedule. And, he missed the last dentist visit in January due to covid exposure. And the eye doctor… our doctor closed without warning at some point in the last year. So we have to go someplace new. Ugh. Crossing fingers he stays OK, but I’m not optimistic.

Nor am I about us. H started back to school today. I’m sure he was hugged by 500 kids. Everyone is unmasked with no precautions. Anyone want to take bets until we are positive? Ugh.

Hoping to make it to sept for the new booster but not looking too promising. My oldest D just tested positive (first in our family). Sore throat so far. No idea where she picked it up, WFH all week. Ate at a restaurant on Friday but sat outside. Since she ate dinner with our family plus a friend and her fiancé (8 total) last night before her symptoms started, we will see how many of us succumb.

A plan for the upcoming school year - by Katelyn Jetelina writes about her recommendations for schools with respect to COVID-19.

Many people in the comments are unhappy with her recommendations.

It’s truly pathetic how few 5-17 year olds are up to date on Covid vaccinations (from Jetelina’s article):

COVID-19: The number of children vaccinated against COVID-19 remains abysmally low. (Only 10% of 5-11 year olds and 27% of 12-17 years olds are up to date.)

Is anyone’s public school district requiring covid vaccines and boosters for under 18’s?

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Los Angeles County was planning on mandating vaccines, but got stopped by a state Judge saying only the State has that authority.


No student covid vaccine requirement in Illinois public schools AFAIK

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Today is day4 after the big wedding we attended in Montreal. There were 150 people, 2 indoor receptions and no masks. Both my H and I feel normal but I tested myself today, negative! We flew Air Canada and masks were mandatory on board.


PA doesn’t require the COVID-19 vaccine for k-12 school students.

A friend tried to schedule a second booster for her college student but the pharmacy said only over 50 can obtain one at this point.

ETA: sorry meant to respond to @bluebayou

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California does require certain vaccines for children to attend the public schools. Since the vaccine for Covid is emergency use I assume that is why the state of California has not yet mandated it.

The Pfizer vaccine has full approval (not EUA) for ages 12+. Moderna has full approval for ages 18+.