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Curious question for those who had covid and went to a doctor: Did they give you antibiotics? My co-worker whose parents had it a couple of weeks ago… Her mom (who got sick first) was at 5+ days, so she was given antibiotics and prednisone. Her Dad got the low dose paxlovid on ~day 2 via a telemed visit. Her Mom recovered on a normal 1 week schedule. Her Dad is still coughing 2 weeks later and went to his normal doctor today. Co-worker reports that his doc said she wouldn’t have put him on paxlovid. She said that she’s had better luck with antibiotics and prednisone.

Umm… wouldn’t antibiotics have no effect on covid? But my other co-worker was also given antibiotics/prednisone with her illness from a different doctor/facility. And she’s the one that still coughing/wheezing months later and has developed asthma.

I was just curious if throwing antibiotics at covid was common elsewhere?

Unless there was also a concurrent bacterial infection of concern, antibiotics would be worse than useless (breeding more resistant bacteria).

Did the doctors explain why the antibiotics were prescribed? If not, then it may be time to find new doctors.


Great question. I don’t know, but I fly out to see them tonight for a whirlwind trip, so I’m sure the topic will come up.

Countries are dropping their vaccine requirements left and right. But up until lately you needed a vaccine within the last 270 days in some countries.

No. People around here always seem to be given antibiotics when they get sick. Pet peeve of mine.

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For the EU the definition of fully vaccinated it -

The primary vaccination series…if this was concluded more than 270 days ago then you need A booster. That is ONE booster. And that booster can have been administered MORE than 270 days ago.

If you’ve had COVID a letter of recovery takes the place of a booster. But the letter of recovery is only good for 180 post initial verified positive test.


Thanks @dietz199, very informative

Antibiotics were heavily prescribed early in the pandemic.

Today, the doc might be concerned about viral covid turning into viral pneumonia which then begets bacterial pneumonia. In an elderly person (or immunocompromised), that could be fatal before the bacterial gets tested by a specimen.

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An article about nasal rinsing.

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