Various Misconceptions and Misbeliefs about Colleges

<p>I've seen so many misbeliefs on CC that I decided they deserved their own thread. I seized the hour gap between classes today to come up with the following. Add your own!</p>

<li>Berkeley sucks for undergraduates.</li>
<li>It is vitally important to get into Harvard Medical School, because everyone knows where their doctor attended med school.</li>
<li>Duke is racist and homophobic.</li>
<li>Harvard only cares about its graduate students. </li>
<li>Dartmouth kids are drunk 24/7.</li>
<li>Everyone at Hopkins is pre-med.</li>
<li>It is impossible to be intellectually satisfied at Penn, Duke, or Northwestern.</li>
<li>As a corollary, only Chicago, Reed, and Swarthmore have intellectual students.</li>
<li>Smaller colleges are always better. That's why everyone wants to go to Deep Springs.</li>
<li>You are a failure at Berkeley and Michigan if you haven't published a paper by senior year. After all, all of your professors are Nobel laureates.</li>
<li>Quirky students only belong at Wesleyan, Hampshire, and Sarah Lawrence.</li>
<li>Every guy at Yale is gay.</li>
<li>Wharton is the only good part of Penn.</li>
<li>Only Harvard and Yale have residential colleges, and only Princeton has eating houses.</li>
<li>People in fraternities and sororities only drink and party. </li>
<li>Nobody at Chicago has fun. Ever.</li>
<li>Everyone at rural colleges is jealous of students in NYC. They just don't want to admit it.</li>
<li>The sciences don't predominate at Hopkins.</li>
<li>No universities offer as close contact with professors as LACs.</li>
<li>All undergraduate courses at universities are taught by graduate students. </li>
<li>Graduate students have special passwords that grant them access to professors. Office hours are a myth.</li>
<li>Research doesn't exist at LACs. People who say they wrote theses are lying.</li>
<li>Stanford, Duke, and Northwestern have more undergraduates than Brown, Dartmouth, and Princeton, but it makes more sense to criticize the former for not admitting enough high-performing applicants.</li>
<li>A difference of 20 points on the SAT denotes a noticeable difference between two universities.</li>
<li>The name of your college is the most important thing, and employers are capable of distinguishing differences between Cornell and Brown. That's why job interviews don't exist.</li>
<li>As a corollary, students at LACs never get hired. </li>
<li>People with wide-ranging interests belong only at LACs. It is impossible to study the liberal arts at a university.</li>
<li>We can accurately judge the difficulty of a college's curriculum by how much its students whine about workloads.</li>
<li>Limiting A's to 1/3 of students is grade deflation.</li>
<li>PhD production lists are useful. Who cares whether the students got their PhDs at Harvard or Wichita State?</li>
<li>Medical schools have rankings of hospitals when they consider applications. That's why only Rice and Hopkins students get admitted. Any Dartmouth student who says he got into medical school is lying.</li>
<li>Graduate programs don't care where you did your undergraduate work. You all had access to exactly the same resources, research funding, and professors.</li>
<li>The first two years of college are the same wherever you go. </li>
<li>The most important thing to consider when selecting a college is how known it is. That's why everyone should attend the University of Phoenix.</li>
<li>Prestige impacts your college experience far more than campus life, weather, or setting.</li>
<li>Colleges in Boston and NYC are great for low income students if they get financial aid, because the cost of living is so cheap. </li>
<li>We should mock WUStL for bettering itself. Who does it think it is?</li>
<li>Students at Brown, Rice, and Stanford are so much happier than those at other schools that they have care bear emblems on their stomachs.</li>
<li>Although Columbia and Cornell have the 1st and 3rd smallest A&S colleges among the Ivies, they only care about graduate students. All of their classes are huge.</li>
<li>No LACs exist in the South.</li>
<li>Everyone who wants to attend a women's college is a lesbian.</li>
<li>Everyone at Brown shares the views of Dennis Kucinich. </li>
<li>Salary has everything to do with which college you attended. That's why theatre students at Chicago make more than engineering students at Case Western.</li>
<li>Everyone wants to go to college in California, especially asthmatics. </li>
<li>International prestige is vitally important. Everyone wants jobs in Zambia and Andorra.</li>
<li>You can't be proud of your alma mater if it doesn't have good athletics.</li>
<li>It's impossible for good athletics and academics to coexist. That's why Boston U is so much better than Michigan.</li>
<li>Your choice of major determines your fate. All anthropology majors become anthropologists.</li>
<li>You should attend Berkeley thinking you will easily get into Haas.</li>
<li>All courses at LACs are seminars, especially in the sciences.</li>
<li>Yale is weak in the sciences.</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins and Iowa make students much better writers than Bard.</li>
<li>Attending an elite school vastly inflates your chances of getting into law school.</li>
<li>Minor differences in engineering ranks are hugely important, because nobody ever drops out of engineering.</li>
<li>Smaller colleges always have smaller courses.</li>
<li>Small colleges are for the weak, because they have to be coddled.</li>
<li>Acceptance rate is a great way of determining quality. That is why the College of the Ozarks is better than Northwestern.</li>
<li>You will get shot if you attend Penn, Hopkins, or Rhodes.</li>
<li>Students select courses based on NAS/NAE membership rather than professor reviews and course times.</li>
<li>Graduate rankings mean nothing. We should instead trust the opinions of current students, who are accurately and impartially able to compare all departments in any given field.</li>

<p>Bravo! Loved the thing about only Reed, Chicago, and Swarthmore having intellectual students; that's an especially common one.</p>

<p>haha this is great</p>

<li>warblersrule86 does not have too much time on his hands.</li>

<p>That was great!</p>

<p>"5. Dartmouth kids are drunk 24/7"</p>

<p>but they are always high or hiking through a forest/rock climbing</p>


<p>I liked the part about California and asthmatics...</p>

<p>I would add....</p>

<p>No one is serious about academics at a school with a party reputation...and that goes double for the schools with football teams.</p>

<li>A difference of 20 points on the SAT denotes a noticeable difference between two universities..</li>

<p>It's such a huge difference!</p>

<p>It's such a huge difference!</p>

<p> the difference of testing one month vs the next month! LOL</p>

<p>Haha. Just kidding with you, warblersrule86 (post#4). :)</p>

<p>This is an entertaining list, I must admit. That said, there's more truth in some of the "misbeliefs" than in others.</p>

<p>Heh, this list should be stickied.</p>

<li>All science and engineering TAs are poor teachers and can't speak any English.</li>
<li>The entire UC system is headed for the trash heap because of the budget crisis.</li>
<li>LACs are for everyone because they have an undergrad focus.</li>
<li>Academically acclaimed profs never teach undergrads.</li>
<li>If your school is not a "target" for bulge bracket IB'ing, it's crap.</li>

<p>This one's for you, UCB! ;)</p>

<li>University of California at Berkeley is the most prestigious university in the whole, entire history of the universe because there are two chemical elements named after it.</li>

<p>^ Three...if you include prof. Seaborg's "Seaborgium". ;)</p>

<li>You'll never learn anything from somebody who scored 1900 or below on the SAT.</li>

<p>This thread should be stickied.</p>

<p>wait, do you mean to tell me all this stuff is not true!? OMG!!!</p>

<li>The M in "HYPSM" actually stands for the University of Michigan.</li>

<p>As a corollary to 68., 69. The C in "HYPSMC" actually stands for Columbia University.</p>

<li>All the students at Seven Sisters are lesbians, or will be by graduation</li>

<p>Loved it.</p>

<p>This myth, though, is especially and annoyingly perpetuated around CC:</p>

32. Graduate programs don't care where you did your undergraduate work. You all had access to exactly the same resources, research funding, and professors.