Vassar College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

So you have secretly been breaking into Vassar’s source code to see if decisions would be available but you are now waiting to see results. I love it.

Wow and good luck to all future Brewers!!


We are in - for the email and saw the letter while in Mississippi. Congrats to everyone and best of luck to the Class of 2027!


I’m in! Congratulations everyone!!


got in!!! congratulations everyone :)))


Accepted. Email was in my spam! Congraduations to all.


Please share stats. Considering EDII


Tonight my son received a letter from the Admissions Committee that he was accepted into the Vassar class of 2027. This is his dream come true. I’m rooting for all of you on this forum.


GPA - 3.87
SAT - didn’t submit
three aps across the last two years, 3 college classes. i think thats most of it :slight_smile:


Congrats to everyone that got in. Our son is lucky enough to be joining you next fall. We could not be more excited.

Stats for people that asked:

GPA - 4.05 (weird scale at his school. My guess is that it would be a 3.85 on a normal scale?)
SAT - 1490
EC - 4 years of Cross Country, 4 years Drama (1 year as lead), VP Student Council, 4 years Founder of D&D club
Coursework - 4 years Spanish including AP, 4 years Mandarin including AP, Dual enrollment College level English and Mathematics. Mostly normal classes otherwise. Tiny private school with not as many AP options so is pretty much doing all dual enrollment classes for senior year.


Similar stats, only Soccer not Cross Country, 4 years drama always lead, plus drama outside of school with over 18 musical theatre productions including 5 professional productions.(was paid actor) 4 years spanish (2 years advanced), advanced Calc, advanced Phys. Honors or highest level available for all other classes
Looking forward to next year!


OH i misunderstood stats question oops! congrats to everyone else that also got in.

3.87 GPA (my school doesn’t do weighted) and didnt submit my SATS. i’m part of the national honors society, president of my schools SOCA and i had a 25 hr a week job for about a year.

in terms of courses, i took three APS in my whole high school career and three dual enrollment college classes. lots of honors especially in math, english and chemistry. also three years of french at my school and now my senior year i am taking it at a college level!


Exciting to see all the enthusiasm on this board. My son got in ED1 yesterday (3.7 GPA; 1520 SAT; decent activities, but nothing that really stands out above most good students). He is a smart kid and quirky. Vassar seems like a great fit. I’ve loved the school (and campus) since bringing some older siblings to college visits, but he is the first one who applied. Congratulations to all the new admits!


We just completed the ED1 Candidate’s Reply Card and wired the $500 deposit. Our son is also the 1st student from our competitive public high school to be admitted to Vassar in over 13 years which is how long our Naviance goes back in time. We have not seen any Financial Aid Awards so not sure what to expect.

Congrats to everyone and looking for to a great class of 2027.


Appreciate all who share stats, if you were recruited for sports, etc.

My junior is excited to apply ED next year/NOT a recruited athlete.
Vassar is a total REACH, so we’re hoping to find supportive data for the lower 25% of the accepted applicants.
According to Naviance, Vassar rejects most of our students. :slightly_frowning_face:

Congrats to all!

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My daughter was accepted ED, NOT recruited for sports (total theatre kid). 4.0 GPA, didn’t submit test scores. All honors classes. Avg. extra curricular. Good writer. She’s SO excited (and so are we). I think if you know you love the school, ED is the way to go. It’s so nice to be done with this process!

Also, just for any future parents/students. ED was officially released on Friday, Dec. 9th 2023 at 4:20 EST/1:20 PST via an email to check the portal.


Dec 9, 2022 - sorry!


Our son has a current 4.36 GPA and 3.87 unweighted. National Honor Society officer and has the Seal of Bi-Literacy for Spanish. Lots of clubs and activities in school and several outside volunteer programs. He has 6 AP classes and most others are honors or accelerated programs. He is also a “recruited” athlete but I will say the “pre-read” was no joke and admissions really goes over the transcript and school profile closely. Played 2 varsity sports but only 1 for all 4 years.

We did not submit SAT scores but they would have been in the middle of the range.

Best of luck to those applying ED2 or RD.

Just to balance out the stats here, my daughter was rejected. Absolutely crushed. She has a 3.9 unweighted, big speech kid, big into drama, big into film/cinema, lots of extra curriculars (including founding/leading clubs) and volunteer activities. Lots of art. No sports. 5 APs so far (her school doesn’t offer many) with two more scheduled for spring, plus an extra community college class. Did not take the SAT or ACT. You just never know.


I am so incredibly sorry to hear that. :cry: I can imagine that has been very emotional for all of you and as a fellow parent I know that would have been painful to watch your child go through. Looks like she was a good candidate for Vassar too. My guess is that she was in the mix right to the end.

Good luck on the rest of the process and I hope that she finds a home somewhere that she absolutely loves!


I’m sorry. We’ve been trying to tell my DS (who applied RD) that these highly selective/low-admit schools just have too many qualified students apply to them, and that we have absolutely no idea whether he’ll be chosen because it sometimes seem to come down to chance.

Your DD seems awesome. I’m sure she will have an amazing college experience, where ever she eventually lands.