Vassar ED1 2025

Surprised to not see a Vassar 2025 ED1 thread yet.

Last year results came out Mon Dec 9th so maybe Dec 7th or 14th this year?

Hi! I’ve been thinking the same.

I hope results will be released Dec 7th, but my school guidance department thinks it will probably closer to the middle of the month, so probably Dec 14.

My friend just received an email saying they will be released this tuesday 12/8 after business hours!

My daughter applied to Vassar ED for 2025, I just checked and she confirmed they announced a 12/8 ED notification date (end of business hours).

My son got the 12/8 email after I posted this. 3 days to go. Good luck.

Thanks! You, too!

My wife and I are on pins and needles. Daughter is just really excited. Vassar’s her first choice and the school she fell in love with, but she knows anything is possible and there are a bunch of other good schools. She’s going to spend Monday night wrapping up as many RD applications as possible, hoping the karma will help.

Sounds like she’s got a great plan. We’ve seen a million schools - I think Vassar is a pretty special place. Son is a recruited athlete so that should help but there’s never a guarantee. Either way we’ll know soon.

Can’t hurt!

We thought of going that route, daughter is a strong tennis player. But her junior year season was wiped out after the first match and we weren’t comfortable going to the few tournaments that remained (she doesn’t really like them anyway). Also, she’s not even 100% sure she wants to play beyond intramurals in college, so we never pursued it.

If Vassar doesn’t work out, we might reach out to coaches at other DIII schools she’s applying to. We’ll see.

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one day to go!! so nervous. good luck to everyone

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Good luck to you, too!

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Do you guys know if business hours end at 5pm or 12am?

Not sure but I’d guess 5pm.

In years past its been somewhere between 4 and 5. We’re going to check at 5 to avoid the potential agony of checking at 4 and then spending an hour refreshing every 20 seconds.

She got in. Hopefully you all got good news as well!


Same here!! Congrats!


That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

My ds got in! So happy!


Congrats!! I really hope by the fall they can start a normal college experience.


Congratulations to your son @CTaylor1, and to your daughter @VA2025Dad! Is it possible for you to write down the stats of your children? It would be of great help.

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Thanks. He’s a recruited athlete so that helps a little. 3.8 UW GPA. Took about 6 AP classes. Boarding school. 34 ACT.